Kyle & Kim Richards Aren't Speaking On ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ & For Now It Might Be Best

One of the most "real" things about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills over the past six seasons isn't necessarily a good thing, but it is something that fans can relate to or empathize with. It's no secret that Kim Richards has been dealing with alcohol abuse since the beginning of the franchise, but things came to a particular head at the end of Season 5. The two sisters have had a rather rocky relationship over the years, but during the reunion it was clear that their issues went above and beyond the show. On the Season 6 premiere of RHOBH , Kyle shared that she and Kim aren't speaking, which is brave for her to share. And for now, it might be for the best.

The relationship between the Richards sisters has always been something that has been hard to watch on the show. On one hand, I have to give them credit for airing their familial issues on national television and sharing their struggles. On the other hand, their relationship seems so much bigger than TV, which almost makes me wish they would step away and figure things out away from the cameras. Which is why Kyle's update on her relationship with Kim is both heartbreaking and a bit relieving.

According to Kyle, at the time of filming, Kim is in rehab. This is after the incident at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where she was arrested for public intoxication. Kyle says that she hasn't spoken to Kim recently and that the two aren't in a great place. That's sad, but it might be for the best that the two take time away from each other and let the other work out what has been going on over the past six years for the entire world to see.

According to Kyle, their family never publicly spoke about family secrets. That right there makes me wonder why they went on a reality show, where things were sure to come to light, but that's neither here nor there. The fact that these "secrets" (or Kim's struggle with sobriety) has become public knowledge, and a fairly common topic of conversation, has allowed the women to become very vulnerable. In past seasons, they have struggled with being their best selves around each other, which is why this time apart might be so important.

So, while viewers might want to see drama between the Richards sisters this season, it is probably for the best that we don't. Their relationship is much more important than a dramatic season of RHOBH. Let's hope they allow themselves to work out their issues off camera, so they can get to a place that will allow them to flourish again.