Girls Who Code Has An Exciting New Project

by Emma Oulton

Girls Who Code, the campaign designed to encourage young girls into STEM subjects, has always been fantastic, but now it’s about to get even better for young bookworms: the organization is teaming up with Viking Children's Books to publish a Girls Who Code book series. Launching in summer 2017, the series will include non-fiction, middle grade fiction, a doodle book, and even board books for really young coders. This means that no matter what type of book young girls are looking to pick up, they’ll find themselves represented as future coders — and the whole world will open up to them. Isn’t feminism great?

Reshma Saujani, the founder of Girls Who Code, was inspired to set up the initiative by the frustrating gender gap in computer science, which (as she said in a press release to Bustle) was “spurred by three decades of telling girls that computing and technology are not for them.” The organization is aiming to reverse this trend through coding programs, clubs, and even a Girls Who Code summer camp. So far, they’ve done a great job: two high school girls from one of their programs even developed a whole awesome video game about breaking stereotypes. And now, with the help of Viking, the Girls Who Code mission is about to get even more powerful.

In summer 2017, the graphically illustrated non-fiction book Girls Who Code: Tips, Tricks, and Inspiration for Taking Over Tech will hit the shelves, giving girls a how-to guide to computer science, and introducing girls to real-world role models who are changing the world through coding.

But girls who prefer fiction don’t need to feel left out: an as-yet-untitled fiction series, described in a press release to Bustle as “The Baby-sitters Club meets coding,” will also be launching alongside it. And that’s not to mention the doodle book, coding-themed journal, and coding board books. Yeah, Girls Who Code have got this covered.

Image: Girls Who Code/Facebook