9 Fashion Rules To Break This Winter

News flash — fashion isn't forever. In fact, there are a few style rules that you should definitely be breaking this winter. So, don't think of wearing winter white or mixing prints as a fashion faux pas. Instead, think of them as trends to embrace as we go into the colder months. There's no reason that you should be able to use half of your wardrobe just because it isn't "in season." It's like not eating your favorite foods just because your SO doesn't like the same thing. It's practically insane.

For me, fashion rules have always seemed more like suggestions rather than actual guidelines. Why color inside the lines if you don't have too? When it comes to styling your own outfits, wear whatever you want this. Don't be confined to old standards just because they are deemed "fashionable." Personally, I consider an outfit fashionable is the wearer seems to adore what they're wearing. As always, confidence is always key. Wondering what winter trends to ignore this season? Here are a few style rules to throw out the door this winter.

1. No White After Labor Day


Screw that! Winter white is definitely a thing. Pair a white coat with matching trousers for an effortless winter look, according to Harper's Bazaar.

2. Don't Wear Socks/Tights With Open Toe Shoes

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Forget what you've heard. Socks with sandals is totally an appropriate trend.

3. Ditch The Overalls

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If you're comfortable wearing overalls, then why not wear them year round? Trying layers them with a turtleneck and sleek oxfords. New York Magazine's style site , The Cut, is all about this style for winter.

4. Forget Florals


Floral prints aren't just for springtime. Wear your favorite florals all year round by layering them with your winter essentials. InStyle prefers to style florals for winter by looking for prints in darker tones and heavier fabrics. It's a simple change to your traditional winter looks.

5. Pack Away The Shorts

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Wearing shorts in the winter should not be a fashion faux pas. Actually, it's pretty stylish. According to StyleCaster.com, this trend looks best when shorts are paired with black or neutral tights. Gotta keep those legs warm, ladies!

6. Don't Even Think About Pastels

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Pastels are perfect no matter what time of year it is. I feel so passionately about this subject that I wrote an entire article about it.

7. No One Wears Bright Colors In The Winter

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Lies! Brights are the best, so don't hide behind neutral tones all winter long. StyleBlazer.com even suggests incorporating it into most of your winter wardrobe.

8. Crop Tops Are Only For Summertime

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It's totally fine to show off your midriff during the winter. Just make sure to pair it with heavier pieces in order to keep warm. Here are a ton of ways to style them, according to Teen Vogue .

9. Sequins Are For Holiday Parties Only

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When it comes to sequins, it's all about styling. According to StyleCaster.com, pair sequined pieces with neutral basics to make the outfit more daytime appropriate.

Basically, when it comes to your style this winter, wear whatever you want. Fashion is just a suggestion. Wear whatever makes you happy and comfortable.