12 Times You Were 'Pretty Little Liars' Hanna Marin At A Family Party

It's that time of year again: that period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's a season full of both joyful fun and stressful responsibility. Let's face it, not every holiday event brings you cheer, and no one understands this struggle better than Pretty Little Liars ' Hanna Marin. There were plenty of times when you were Hanna Marin during a family party.

Not to be a Grinch, but most holiday parties are actually pretty stressful obligations. You need to dress the part, bring a gift, make small talk, and do whatever you can to make your life seem better than it actually is. It takes a lot out of a person, especially when you are at a family function. There is a different kind of pressure there and usually a lot more stress than there is fun.

Don't worry though. You are definitely not the only one who has experienced these feelings of discomfort. You might feel bad voicing your opinion when it comes to dreading a family function, but you are not alone and now you don't actually have to say anything. You can just have Hanna Marin from Pretty Little Liars express your feelings instead. There are many Hanna one-liners that perfectly depict how you feel when it comes to the roller coaster of emotions you experience at holiday events.

1. When Your Mom Tells You That Attendance Is Mandatory

"It's the most wonderful time of the year," she says. "It will be fun," she says. You know the truth though. This is going to be a long day.

2. When You Ask Your Significant Other To Come Along For The Torture

You would never go to this party if you didn't absolutely have to, but you have no issue asking your boyfriend or girlfriend to attend. In fact, you expect them to.

3. When Your Mom Doesn't Approve Of Your Outfit

You're just trying to look festive for the holidays, but your mom isn't having it. Finding the perfect outfit is definitely a complicated process.

4. When Your Mom Tells You To Put Your Phone Away

How are you supposed to enjoy yourself if you can't text your friends or live tweet this trainwreck? It is not possible.

5. When You Spot The Cheese Tray

Finally, this party is getting fun. There's nothing better than a good cheese tray.

6. When Your Aunt Forgets Your S.O.'s Name... Again

You've been dating them for years, yet you still have to introduce them to your aunt every. single. time.

7. When A Relative Asks If You're Getting Married Soon

Why is everyone obsessed with engagements? You are just trying to do you. And in all honesty, if you were engaged, everyone would know about it, so there's really know need to be asked.

8. When A Younger Cousin Gets Sassy

At first you felt great bonding with America's youth and imparting your wisdom, but after a while of your aunt not paying attention to this brat, you're over it and have no issue giving your cousin a much-needed reality check.

9. When Your Mom Gives You A Backhanded Compliment

You try to breathe and remember that this is her event and no one who really matters heard what she said. Yes, you do look thin in those pants, but you know that there was definitely a better way to phrase that.

10. When You Hear A Juicy Piece Of Gossip

Most of the conversations were pretty worthless, but there's always one juicy piece of gossip that comes from these family events. And when it's not about you for once, you can't help but gasp..

11. When Your Family Finally Gives You A Break From Talking

It's such a nice relief when you're family takes a break from grilling you and moves on to your hot mess cousin. Now you can just drink away your annoyance.

12. When The Drinks Hit You & You Just Don't Care

You're finally starting to feel the drinks that you were discretely sipping and you are ready to get your dance on. These people have to accept you. They are your family, after all.

A family party can put you through a roller coaster of emotions. Sure, there are great moments here and there, but it's mostly a pretty stressful ordeal. Thankfully, Hanna Marin can express these thoughts so you don't have to.

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