Oliver's Big 'Arrow' News May Come With A Price

We knew this was bound to happen eventually and now the latest Flash and Arrow crossover is finally bringing it to fruition. As soon as we saw Oliver's ex pop up in Central City with a son in Season 1, we figured it was only a matter of time before Oliver realized that he has a son out there — the very son he thought had died in a miscarriage nearly a decade ago. But thanks to a DNA hair sample, which Oliver obtained rather stealthily, he was able to discover that his child (whose name is William, by the way) is actually alive and well. However, this exciting revelation quickly spiraled into a terrible, horrible nightmare since it not only causes trouble between Oliver and Felicity, but the distraction also leads to everyone's death. (Hey, I warned you it was horrible.)

Long story short: Felicity discovers the DNA test, confronts Oliver about it, and resents him for keeping something so massive from her. This, in turn, distracts Oliver from taking down Vandal Savage, who gains the upper-hand and leads to Oliver, Felicity, and everyone else's death aside from Barry. Luckily, though, Barry was able to time jump far back enough to the past in order to repeat the day and thereby change the outcome. (Is anyone else's head spinning from all of this?)

In the end, they were able to defeat Savage (though I doubt he's actually dead) and save the day as per usual. However, that doesn't mean the Oliver-son situation is by any means resolved. Because even with the time jump, Barry still relayed to Oliver that whatever DNA test he wanted him to run will come back positive, proving that he's William's father. So later, when Oliver has the chance to come clean with Felicity yet again, he decides to lie (this time without her finding out) and promises his ex, Samantha, that he won't tell anyone about William as long as she lets him visit.

Now, I can appreciate Oliver's dilemma. This is a huge piece of news to digest, after all. But Felicity has proven to be his most trusted confidant in all matters of his life, so it's not fair to shut her out like this. (It's not as if she'd go telling anyone about it.) But now that he's made this decision, I fear it could be the beginning of the end for these two lovebirds. Oliver just dug his own grave in their relationship. Let's just hope that Felicity isn't the one who ends up laying in it (literally) in the flash forward.

Image: Katie Yu/ The CW