Is Vandal Savage Dead On 'Arrow'? His Death May Not Be As Permanent As We Think

See, here's the thing about superhero shows — they always seem to have a supernatural/mystical-like element to them, which means you can basically throw the rule book out the window, especially when it comes to life and death scenarios. Take this week's Arrow and The Flash crossover episode "Legends of Yesterday," for example. To a passerby viewer, you would think (from his crumbled remains) that Vandal Savage is dead and will never bother our beloved vigilantes ever again. However, us diehard fans know better than to take something like that at face value alone, especially after a certain League of Assassins leader, Malcolm Merlyn, collected Vandal Savage's ashes while whispering, "You owe me one, buddy."

So yeah, I can say with almost absolute certainty that we have not seen the last of Savage in these comic book worlds. But let's just say for argument's sake that Merlyn's intentions were somehow pure and that he was merely gathering up those ashes so he could place them on his living room mantle. (Are there mantles in the League of Assassins living quarters?) I still wouldn't think that Savage was dead. Why? It probably has something to do with all the Legends of Tomorrow promos he keeps popping into…

Kinda puts a hindrance on the whole "he's gone for good" idea. Even our heroes weren't entirely sure if he was actually dead and they were standing right in front of his dusty remains. (Why they didn't just vacuum that stuff up so it couldn't be messed with, I'll never understand.) Not to mention the fact that Savage is immortal. So I'm sure after a little spell, he'll be able to get placed back into his regular human body. After all, it wouldn't be the first time Arrow brought someone back from the dead. (Maybe Savage and Sarah Lance could start a Facebook group together.)

Either way, don't expect this Big Bad to be gone for very long. Let's just hope that he doesn't end up permanently killing one of our Legends in the process.

Image: Katie Yu/ The CW