Single Disney Fans, Your Time Has Come

With more and more new dating sites cropping all the time, they are getting more and more niche, and finally there is one for those of us who love Disney quotes and songs and films and... well, Disney everything. Seriously. It's a Disney dating site and it's called MouseMingle just to make me happy. I mean, I love Disney. And I think the lyrics to "A Whole New World" are clearly about losing your virginity ("Don't you dare close your eyes/hold your breath it gets better/up and down/all around/until we're only dreaming"— come on). I have to say a Disney dating site is a bit far, even for a fan like me, but I know some people out there who really love their Disney. So this could be great for them.

It's not just for dating, I saw on the site there's a "park pal" option for those just looking for someone to Disney with. And I have to tell you, the site is detailed. I mean they really want to know exactly how much and in what way you love Disney.

I didn't sign up for the site myself, it costs $12.55 a month if you actually want to join, but you can fill in information to search profiles and get a good idea of the site before you sign up like I did below. As Cosmopolitan notes, there have been Disney dating apps and things before, but this is the first site to go so far into detail about your love of Disney.

And it really, really does. Here's what I learned:

1. Mouse Mingle

In my head I keep saying "MOUSEMINGLE.COM" to a cute little jingle, but alas the jingle is only in my heart. It's a really, really, basic website. It looks more like a personality quiz you would have taken in the early naughties, but the emphasis is definitely on content.

2. They Know You

If you feel like you don't fit in on other site, this may be the place for you. And as much as I find this site a little over the top, everyone should find a niche, so go for it.

3. Search For Profiles

OK, so in order to search for you profiles, you have to fill out some information about yourself. I say 'some' information, what I really mean is the most detailed index of your Disney life you will ever experience.

4. Appearance

It starts off basic (although I don't think there are any LGBT options, but maybe I missed them?) enough. But then, but then we get to...

6. Favorite Disney Characters

They ease you in slowly with your favorite characters, although I noticed you can click as many as you want.

7. Non-Disney Passions

This is basically the only time non-Disney/Marvel/Pixar/etc. interests are mentioned, and you will note they are swiftly followed by "Disney nerd level", this site keeps its eyes on the prize.

8. And The Songs

If your favorite character is Aladdin but your favorite song is "Why Should I Worry" because you understand how good Billy Joel is, you're in luck. They have literally thought of every combination.

9. Favorite Film

I don't know why films came this far down the list, but here we go.

10. Marvel and Pixar

There is literally no stone left unturned. They turned all the stones.

11. Disney LIFE

That's right. Disney life. How are we just at Disney life now!? What was the first half? It starts out asking what your home park is and how often you go there. One of the options is once a week. That's over 50 park visits a year, just to your home park. That is dedication.

12. And More

How many times have you gone to parks? What other events? Other Disney passions? I did not know half of this stuff existed, so this site is for serious Disney lovers.

13. Annual Pass

There are so many different pass options in my head there's going to be a Romeo and Juliet scenario where two people fall in love but they cannot be because they are from warring parks. Please let this happen.

14. And Finally

They touched on princess and the princes are the final hurdle. If you don't feel like this site is Disney-enough, I cannot help you. No one can help you. You can express every facet of your love of Disney and hopefully find someone to do it with.

Bottom Line

Honestly I would love to see the algorithms that work matching people. Is favorite character more important than favorite song? How will the park wars end? But I do genuinely think some more real life questions about what you want and what you need might be some help. Then again, if you've sought out a Disney site, you're getting all the Disney you could want.

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Images: Fotolia; MouseMingle