Rachel Bilson Embraces Natural Beauty Now That She's A Mom — PHOTOS

While some celebrities bounce right back to their glam selves post-baby, Rachel Bilson shared her natural beauty approach with People magazine. It seems like motherhood has definitely encouraged her to keep a more natural (and seriously minimal) beauty routine, and her recent actions definitely prove she means what she says.

Since the former OC star gave birth to her daughter, Briar Rose, last October, she's remained almost entirely out of the spotlight. In fact, Bilson just returned to the red carpet for the first time in a year for the No Kid Hungry Benefit Dinner, but getting all glammed up isn't something she's making a part of her life anymore. Instead, the 34-year-old actress prefers to keep things simple. “In my own life, it’s a little bit of mascara, a little Chapstick, and I’m ready to go,” Bilson said. “Maybe I’ll add a little eyeliner in there to spice things up. Maybe a little bronzer.”

Part of the reason for her low-key approach is that her priorities have changed since becoming a mom. Bilson doesn't put an emphasis on her looks, and instead focuses on taking care of her skin as best she can. “If I ever have anything on — like if I have mascara on — my daughter just stares at me for, like, five minutes: ‘Who are you?’ Bilson said. “Because [makeup] has become so nonexistent, the easy things that you can do, like hydrating your lips, makes me feel a little better."

And seriously, when you look that good without makeup, why would you go through the extra effort? Bilson has also taken a more natural approach to her hair. Though she got a few highlights this week, she admitted it's the first time she's colored her hair in two years.

They are so subtle, they just enhance her natural beauty, rather than alter it.

I love how real and down to earth she is, and when I scroll through her Instagram feed, it's like I'm looking at my friend's account, not a major celebrity. But if you take a walk down memory lane and revisit what Bilson looked like in her OC days, it seems she's always preferred a more natural look.

Mark Mainz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She didn't color her hair, and even though she's wearing makeup, it's definitely minimal.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And now I just love her even more.

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