7 Christina Aguilera Christmas Song Performances That Are Worth Revisiting

If Christina Aguilera’s Christmas album, My Kind of Christmas , is not a fixture of your holiday CD collection, I will go ahead and assume it’s because you are allergic to the combination of stunning vocal runs, yuletide cheer, and unadulterated joy. (Or maybe it's because you just never got around to listening to the diva’s compilation of holiday tunes. And if this happens to be the case? What a bright time, it’s the right time to finally rock the night away to My Kind of Christmas.)

Hey, while we're on the subject of stunning vocal runs, yuletide cheer, and unadulterated joy, I'm fairly certain 'tis the season to revisit some of the pop powerhouse's live Christmastime performances. *Checks calendar.* Oh, it is definitely the season for Xmas Xtina videos. So why don't we go ahead and tuck into some clips from 2001 concert DVD My Reflection, talk show appearances, and televised holiday specials? (Here's a fact I definitely didn't make up: Every time the melisma-wielding chanteuse takes the stage, grabs the mic, and sings the eggnog out of an Christmas tune before a rapt audience, an angel gains the ability to hit the high E above middle C. Yes, Christina Aguilera's holly jolly performances are thatgood.)

“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”

Jonathan Sprang on YouTube

Christina Aguilera. Brian McKnight. Yeah, I'm going to need someone to wheel over my fainting couch. Like, pronto.

“The Christmas Song”

sarahelene88 on YouTube

Rumor has it that even the Grinch's furry green arms get goosebumps when Christina “No Note Is Too Intimidating” Aguilera brings the yule log fire on “The Christmas Song.”

“Merry Christmas, Baby”

Not only does Xtina sound like an angel, but she happens to share the stage with the legendary B.B. King. I repeat: B.B. KING.

“O Holy Night”

The platinum-haired songstress wastes no time in catapulting this classic song into the stratosphere.

“Christmas Time”

CAguileraVEVO on YouTube

Well, everything happening here is as delightful as bowl full of jelly.

“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”

MariahCareyArianaGrandeXtinaFan on YouTube

The tune so nice, it’s on this list twice.

“Silent Night”

WTAE-TV Pittsburgh on YouTube

What have we here? A video from 20+ years ago? Is that a young Christina Aguilera wiping the floor with everyone? It is? Are we even worthy? Because I'm pretty sure we aren't worthy.

(Oh, this just in: according to his spokesperson, the Grinch gets grinchbumps when he hears Xtina sing "The Christmas Song." When I asked what makes grinchbumps different from goosebumps, the spokesperson replied, "NO MORE QUESTIONS, YOU MANGY TWERP." I think the Grinch might be his own spokesperson.)