Can Marcel Be Trusted On 'The Originals'? Elijah And Klaus Might Not Be So Sure

Marcel found himself stuck between a rock and a hard place on The Originals Thursday night when The Strix called on him to help them break into Klaus and Elijah's home to rescue Tristan. After the disastrous Thanksgiving dinner at the Mikaelsons, Tristan found himself tied up and ready to be tortured by Freya, Hayley and Elijah in "The Other Girl in New Orleans." They want Tristan to reveal his half of the coordinates to Rebekah's location, while Klaus went to deal with Aurora. And, when Marcel arrived with The Strix to take back Tristan, it seemed like he had officially chosen a side, but he turned the tables by saving Hayley and Freya. So, can Marcel really be trusted on The Originals ?

Elijah is skeptical that Marcel's allegiance really lies with the Mikaelsons, despite the fact that he tore the hearts out of two Strix vamps ready to kill Hayley and gave Freya his blood to heal a fatal stab wound. In Elijah's defense, Marcel did stab him in the back, literally. After approaching Elijah and offering to take Tristan back to the Strix to be his man on the inside, Marcel seemed to turn on Elijah when he refused.


In the end, Marcel was able to keep his cover with The Strix by injuring Elijah and helping rescue Tristan while also maintaining his alliance with Elijah and Klaus by saving them. By stabbing Elijah, Marcel also gave Elijah the weapon the Strix was going to use to take him out — a stake with dark magic. That said, he did end the episode insisting for a greater role in the Strix, but that could also just be the sign of a good double agent.

If there's one thing Marcel has always been loyal to, it's his city. He'll do anything to protect New Orleans, which means his loyalties will lie with those most interested in keeping New Orleans thriving. Right now, there's no question that The Strix have no regard for the city, so it looks like Marcel is on the side of The Original vamps. At least, for now.

Images: Annette Brown/The CW; Giphy