The Strix Made Their Move On 'The Originals'

The Strix made their first move on The Originals, going after the Mikaelsons by attempting to kill Hayley and kidnapping Rebekah. While Tristan and Lucien have both been adamant that they are in New Orleans to protect Elijah and Klaus, respectively, Tristan decided to leave the pleasantries behind and begin to show his true colors in "Beautiful Mistake." Tristan, via members of his vampire organization, the Strix, sent one of his vampires to kill Hayley while his second in command, Aya, went after Rebekah. He sent Aya to track down the third Mikaelson — currently trying to find a way to bring Kol back to life in her witches' body — return her to her vampire body, and put a stake through her heart. Despite efforts by Freya and Elijah to help her, Rebekah ended the episode staked in a coffin. But, is Rebekah dead? It's going to take more than an army of Strix and a magical stake to take out Rebekah. As Aya points out seconds before slowly putting the stake through Rebekah's heart, the magical weapon has been made to put Rebekah in a long sleep. But, how did the Strix even find Rebekah? Let alone, get the upper hand and kidnap her.

It turns out, Aya and the Strix have been planting a trap for Rebekah for quite some time. They got a witch to befriend Rebekah and promise her a spell that could bring Kol back to life, but when Rebekah went to meet with the witch, she was magically confined and weakened. The area was also put under a spell so that Freya couldn't use magic to save her sister, causing her to lose Rebekah to the Strix. But, it turns out Rebekah might not be in the custody of the Strix after all.

After Klaus found out that his sister had been taken, Aurora informed him that she was not, as it turns out, on her brother's side. At least, not after Klaus successfully wooed her. She had two vampires working for her on the team that collected Rebekah and had them take possession of Rebekah's body. That said, she doesn't seem to have any intention of returning the body to Klaus. So, while Rebekah might be safe from the Strix, she is now Aurora's leverage over Klaus. But, what does Aurora want? Does she want to live happily ever after with Klaus? Or, is this part of an elaborate scheme to lure Klaus into a false sense of security?

Images: Quantrell Colbert/The CW; olivqueen/tumblr