When Will Coldplay's New Album 'Head Full Of Dreams' Be On Spotify? Not For A While, Folks

Sorry to ruin your weekend, folks, but for those of you who are wondering when Coldplay 's new album A Head Full Of Dreams will be on Spotify, I have some tragic news: it's gonna be a minute. Even though the album was released Dec. 4 via paid services like Apple Music and Tidal — "Gretchen, stop trying to make Tidal happen, it's not going to happen" — you won't find it on Spotify, because your boys Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, and Will Champion are taking a Taylor Swiftian stand against free streaming. According to a source who spoke with Music Business Worldwide , the decision is final, but likely not permanent: "The band’s team aren’t anti-Spotify, they’re just not in love with ‘free’ — you can probably expect it to drop on the service after a few weeks." Unlike Taylor Swift, who pulled her entire catalogue from the streaming platform, Coldplay's earlier works are all still available, so they're likely just delaying in order to maximize album sales before giving it away for free.

Rumor has it that the band took issue with Spotify's refusal to apply a "windowing" policy to the album, whereby they'd release it to paid subscribers only, which is reportedly the same condition that Taylor Swift and Adele requested for their albums 1989 and 25. But for whatever reason, Spotify is still holding a pretty hard line on that, pressing for an all-or-nothing type of deal. According to a spokesperson for the platform, " Coldplay ’s A Head Full Of Dreams is not yet on Spotify, but we look forward to making it available very soon."

So in the meantime, I guess get the album on Apple Music if you just can't wait, or I suppose you can try sending a letter to your local Spotify representative.

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