One Direction Plays Tattoo Roulette, So Which Member Got A Tattoo On Live Television? — VIDEO

On Thursday's episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden, something quite magical happened. The members of One Direction played tattoo roulette, a very special game that you didn't know you needed in your life until now. Now, this is a game with very serious consequences — each person involved in the game must choose from a selection of boxes. One of the boxes had the word "tattoo" written in it, while the other four said "safe." Much tension ensued as the boys and host James Corden picked their boxes and stood at individual podiums, opening them one by one. Not only was it majorly exciting to see the band laughing and joking on the chat show, the game proved to be a bonding moment for 1D.

It was particularly cute to see Niall Horan's reaction to the game. As a person without any tattoos, Horan was understandably nervous and visibly sweating on the show at the very thought of getting a tattoo. Host James Corden was also scared, and joked that he shouldn't have dreamt up a game in which the result might be him having "1D" tattooed on his body. As the other members of One Direction already have tattoos, they appeared to be less concerned about the prospect of receiving a new one. Check out the video below.

The Late Late Show with James Corden on YouTube

Now let's break down what happened when One Direction played Tattoo Roulette.

Niall Horan's Hands Were Sweating

Cute as ever, Horan was vocal about how nervous he was. His hands were shaking a little and totally sweating. He doesn't have any tattoos and is obviously not ready for any either.

Niall Horan Picked His Box First

Maybe this was an act of kindness to put Horan out of his misery. Horan chose the box on the end of the table, and took it to a podium.

Harry Styles Was Next

The audience tried to sway Harry Styles's choice by shouting out. He stuck to his guns though and picked the box he wanted.

Louis Tomlinson Was Indecisive

To keep the audience and the other players guessing, Tomlinson went for one box, before changing his mind and picking another one altogether.

Liam Payne Comforted James Corden

Corden was very nervous about getting a tattoo. Payne comforted him, and it was a total bro moment.

Liam Payne Was Pretty Casual About The Whole Thing

Liam Payne strode to his podium without a care in the world, not worried at all about his choice.

Payne Was The First To Open His Box

And he was safe! Just look at his happy expression.

Louis Tomlinson Went Next

Tomlinson was safe too. Uh oh — only three boxes left.

James Corden Was Third

Completely worried about opening his box, Corden jumped up and down when it was revealed he was safe as well.

Harry Styles Hugged Niall Horan

Realizing that they were the last two left in the competition, and that one of them had the "tattoo" box, Styles hugged Horan, who was laughing nervously and obviously freaking out. These guys are too cute.

Styles Teased The Audience By Playing With His Box

Keeping the audience in suspense, Harry Styles felt his box, knocked on it, and put his ear to it to listen. Don't keep us waiting, Harry Styles.

Harry Styles Opened His Box And...

Styles opened his box and inside was the word... TATTOO! Niall Horan covered his eyes before the grand reveal, terrified that he might actually have that box. But he didn't.

Niall Horan Was So Relieved

Just look at that face. Horan was visibly relieved, even jumping for joy while host James Corden hugged him.

Corden Asked The Tattoo Artist If He Did Removals


It Was The Moment Of Truth For Harry Styles

Liam Payne gave Styles a consolation hug, ahead of his inevitable tattoo, live on TV.

Styles Was A Total Pro

He even managed to smile while the tattooist set to work. What a man!

The Tattoo Was Completed Before The End Of The Show

In record time, the tattoo artist finished Harry Styles's "late late" tattoo before the show ended.

Harry Styles Is A Brave Man

Giving a thumbs up to the audience as he showed off his tattoo, Styles was unfazed by the fact he'd just been tattooed on television! Legend.

Thank Goodness Niall Horan's Box Was "Safe"

Poor Niall Horan. He was so scared of Tattoo Roulette, and I don't blame him. Hooray for the fact he didn't have to get his first tattoo ever.

Aside from the crazy game of Tattoo Roulette, it was awesome to see how often the One Direction members hugged, joked with and supported each other. There is so much love in that band, and they'll be missed during their hiatus.

Images: The Late Late Show With James Corden/YouTube