What Would 'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Bring For Pam? Susie Abromeit Weighs In On Future Possibilities

By now, most (if not all) of you, have marathoned your way through Netflix's insanely addictive Marvel series, Jessica Jones. Full of non-stop action and badass female characters across the board, this show has exceeded all expectations by leaps and bounds. But just like with any great television show, we as viewers want more and we want it now. So while Jessica Jones has not been renewed for Season 2 yet, diehard fans (myself included) are desperate for any details regarding the show's future. And we apparently aren't the only ones. Bustle recently had the chance to chat with Susie Abromeit, who plays Pam, Hogarth's girlfriend, on the show. And it turns out that she too is hopeful for another season pick-up and thinks the odds are very much in their favor.

"I want more too!," she says. "I haven't heard anything yet, but I have been getting a lot of energy and feelings from fans that really want the show to come back. The response has been just overwhelmingly positive, so I can only imagine that there will be another season." It's a sentiment that I think we all can whole heartedly agree with. But when (because I think we've moved beyond "if") Jessica Jones returns, Pam will be facing some challenges — like serving serious jail time, for starters.

In an act of true moral integrity, Pam turned herself in for the murder of Hogarth's wife, Wendy. In her defense, Wendy was inflicting a thousand cuts on Hogarth under Kilgrave's orders at the time. But whether she meant to kill Wendy or not, the damage has been done and was enough to send Pam to the slammer... at least for now. So what does Abromeit hope to see from her on-screen counterpart if she were to return for a second season? When I theorize that perhaps Pam could take a villainous turn, the actress agrees that it would be a great twist.

"That would be kind of awesome. Pam with a heart of gold turns bad. That would be very interesting," Abromeit says. After all, Pam's now gotten a taste for blood. Maybe prison will harden her even more and in ways we never could've imagined. But that isn't the only idea Abromeit has in mind. She also isn't opposed to the possibility of joining the hero side with Jessica, while serving a bigger role on Team Justice. And, of course, there's always the possibility of a Jones-Daredevil crossover, which the actress would definitely want to be part of.

"I mean, there's so many different possibilities: being the sidekick of Jessica Jones or being the villain or having a crossover with Daredevil. I think the possibilities are endless for Pam," she says. Now all we need is for Jessica Jones to return and make those possibilities happen.

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