Who is James Deen's Girlfriend? Chanel Preston Reacts To The Rape Allegations

Since porn star James Deen was accused of rape and sexual assault by several women this past week, it was only a matter of time before James Deen's girlfriend, porn star Chanel Preston, would have her say on the matter. Preston and Deen co-founded the Adult Performer’s Advocacy Committee (APAC), a committee meant to ensure safety in the porn industry. Although they weren’t openly public about their relationship, they haven’t exactly hidden it either. But now with Deen resigning from APAC and Preston stepping into his former role of chairman, it brings yet another element to all of this: How could someone act the way James Deen is accused of acting, but be the co-founder of a committee meant to protect adult film actors?

When Deen's ex-girlfriend Stoya accused him of raping her, she opened the flood gates, paving, in many ways, a road for others to feel comfortable about sharing their own allegations against Deen. Although Deen denied the accusations over the weekend, he has remained quiet since then, as more and more women have come forward to accuse him of some of the most unimaginable things from the former “boy next door” porn star.

But despite the accusations against Deen, Chanel Preston seems to be staying by his side… at least for the moment.

Here’s what we know about Preston.

1. Preston Has Been In The Porn Industry For Almost Six Years

Chanel Preston entered the porn industry back in January 2010. She was 24 at the time. Before working in porn, she was a stripper. Preston has written about how stripping helped her with her body image and grow into her sexuality:

“Stripping gave me the opportunity to express and develop myself as a sexual person. I quickly learned how powerful this could be and in that I learned to feel more comfortable with my body and appreciate what I had... When I look at myself now, I see someone very beautiful. If you take this as an expression of ego then you have a misguided idea of how one should view themselves. However, I still struggle with the pressures to look a certain way just like anyone else."

She’s also a licensed esthetician.

2. She’s An Advocate For Sex Ed

In 2014, Preston launched, Naked with Chanel . The web series focuses not just on sexual education, but how our society views sex, how we can erase negative sex-related stereotypes, as well as ideas and misconceptions about sex.

3. She Co-Founded APAC

As mentioned above, the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee was co-founded by both Preston and Deen. As the site’s mission statement explains, "The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee advocates to maintain and improve safety and working conditions in the adult film industry by giving adult performers organized representation in matters that affect our health, safety, and community.” Since Deen’s resignation, Preston is now chairman.

In light of the James Deen allegations and his resignation, APAC issued the following statement:

“The APAC Board wants to state unequivocally that we stand with performers and other sex workers who are victims of any sort of sexual assault. APAC is committed to being a safe space for performers, and to creating a safer and healthier industry.”

However, as The Daily Beast notes, with Preston at the helm and being the girlfriend of Deen, it creates an issue of just how safe women feel in turning to APAC at this point: “Women who have felt victimized by Deen may feel like they have nowhere to turn but to the public,” The Daily Beast noted.

4. Preston Has Opened Up About Her ‘Complicated Feelings’ Regarding Deen

In a statement that she wished to be published in its entirety, Preston spoke out about the James Deen allegations as well as the roll of APAC in the porn industry:

“James and I are involved. It was never a secret but we don’t talk much about it publicly. Obviously, this situation has presented me with complicated feelings, and I’m navigating them as best I can. The porn community is small and many performers have had some sort of relationship with Stoya and/or James, and are experiencing this situation in a personal way. James is no longer involved in APAC decision-making, direction, or duties. APAC has issued a statement of solidarity with all sex workers who have been violated or assaulted, and the revised board’s members, which consists of Conner Habib, Ela Darling, Veruca James, and I, will continue our commitment to serve our community and provide a safe and supportive environment for performers.”

At this time, that is all Preston has said about the matter.

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Images: James Deen/Instagram; Chanel Preston/Instagram