Karlie Kloss' Met Gala Makeup Tutorial Can Teach Us A Lot About Minimal Glam — VIDEO

Let's take a moment to appreciate social media for giving us access to celebrities and their personal projects, because Karlie Kloss has posted her first makeup tutorial on her YouTube channel. Rewind ten years: can you imagine a supermodel and Beyoncé's makeup artist Sir John teaming up for an in-depth tutorial on achieving a look worn to the Met Gala and then releasing it to the public for free? We are living in the golden age of beauty, people.

In the tutorial, Sir John and Kloss abided by the old adage "less is more," and the results were, well, red carpet worthy. While nobody should be shamed for wearing more makeup than Kloss if they want to, Sir John's approach is all about accentuating what Kloss already has, rather than masking her features. Looking through fashion magazines as a fifteen-year-old in the throes of puberty, I would never have guessed that stars makeup routines for big events were as minimal as the look Sir John created on Kloss — which explains why there are so many photos of me floating around with mismatched foundation and liberally applied black eyeliner.

While Kloss has gorgeous skin (I won't say natural, because I'm sure she has a horde of estheticians on speed dial), seeing how little makeup one of the most famous supermodels in the world wore to one of the most anticipated fashion events in the world struck a chord with me. She comes off as sweet and likable, and I can't wait to see more tutorials from her.

Aside from relying on relatively few products, Kloss and Sir John sprinkle great advice throughout the tutorial, most of it tied to their minimalist approach. Here are the biggest lessons we can learn from the fabulous duo.

1. Great Brows Don't Require Much Product

Brows are so popular now that I'd argue they've become an art form, but you don't have to load on the product for a great look. All Sir John used here was a simple brow pencil to define Kloss' natural arches and powder to set them.

2. Taupe Is A Pale Girl's Best Friend

Kloss' lids were shaped with a single shade of taupe shadow, which I love for its ease of application and the natural dimension it gives her face.

3. Don't Be Afraid To Use Your Fingers

I don't know about you, but when I approach a cat eye, it's with a liner brush and surgical precision. In a testament to his makeup mastery, Sir John relies only on his fingers and pencil liner to achieve Kloss' dramatic cat eye, proving that practice makes anything perfect.

4. Buff Thy Foundation

Sir John achieve's Kloss' dewy skin by applying a lightweight foundation sparingly and buffing it into her skin. Wondering about the weird brushes he uses? You can pick up a three pack for a cool $105(!).

5. Use Your Ears To... Contour Your Cheeks?

Learning how to contour naturally can be tricky. Sir John advises using the middle ear as a guide when carving out your cheekbones.

6. Blend Lipstick With Fish Lips

To naturally blend color into your lips, tap it on with your finger and then... do what Kloss does in the GIF. Sir John claims Beyoncé taught him the trick, so who am I to question?

7. Put Powder Where You Need It

Ok, I'll admit I'm totally guilty of powdering my entire face. It's a hard habit to break. To maintain the natural appearance of Kloss' complexion, Sir John only applies powder to areas he knows she'll get oily: the T-zone, down the sides of her nose, and her chin. I'm hesitant, but I'll give it a try.

Ready to see the Kloss in her first tutorial for yourself? Watch it here:

Images: Klossy/Youtube, Giphy (8)