Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Goes Biker Chic

If you've got the winter blues and nothing to wear, Rosie Huntington Whiteley wore a biker-inspired black outfit that is to die for. Huntington-Whiteley is in my opinion one of the most beautiful women making a living off being beautiful today, so I'd think she'd look great wearing a cat fur sweater, but her biker-inspired outfit was just a darn cute getup in addition to gracing the living manifestation of the Swan Princess' presence.

Huntington-Whiteley shared her badass style on her personal Twitter while shopping at Paige Denim in L.A.. She rocked a killer motorcycle jacket, a black-and-white striped longsleeve shirt, and slim-fit black jeans. To top the look off, she accessorized with a simple black clutch, cat eye shades, an on-trend skinny black scarf, and black boots with stiletto heel that make my feet ache in sympathy.

While Huntington-Whiteley and I have very different personal styles, I'd love to recreate this outfit. I'm a huge fan of wearing as much black as possible for two reasons: first, it matches everything, and anybody who says differently is dead to me; and second, it makes me look scary and unapproachable, which is exactly what I want when suffering public spaces. (FYI, if you're an introvert and have ever thought about working from home, trust me: it will allow you to mole more indulgently than you have ever moled before.) However, judging from the prices on Paige Denim's website, recreating Huntington-Whiteley's look exactly would require a much greater financial investment than I'm willing to make.

See? It's too cute not to recreate. And that, my friends, is where the internet comes into play. I've found an affordable option for each of the pieces Huntington-Whiteley paired for this look. All barring one are less than $50, and since several of the pieces, such as the black skinny jeans, are closet staples, I bet you we can pull this look together for less than $50.

The Sunglasses

Quay Kittie Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $45,

Cute and not badly priced, considering how long sunglasses last with proper care, i.e. not throwing them into the passenger seat of your car to get sat on.

The Scarf

Monki Skinny Scarf, $12,

Aside from being super cheap, this scarf gets points for being black velvet, which is both warm and gothy.

The Shirt

Factory Long-Sleeve Striped Boatneck Tee, $29.50,

This is a great layering piece.

The Jacket

Faux Shearling Moto Jacket, $38.43,

I am amazed I found a jacket that so closely resembles Huntington-Whiteley's, but Forever 21 saved the day.

The Pants

710 Super Skinny Jeans in Black, $54.50,

Can't resist the urge to tout Levi's jeans. I own these and love them.

The Boots

Women's Suede Knee-High Boots, $31,

Personally, I'd wear flats, but if you don't have pain receptors in your feet, these are a super affordable option.

The Clutch

Structured Faux Patent Leather Clutch, $29.97,

Ugh, I want it.

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Images: Courtesy Brands