Bella Hadid Wears A Sheer Top Because She DGAF If It's Cold Out — PHOTO

This model pulls off the super sexy thing so well. Bella Hadid wore a sheer black top, because who says you have to cover up just because it’s cold outside? She clearly DGAF about winter, and after seeing her look I’m beginning to think that maybe the rest of us shouldn’t either. I mean, if you stand close enough to the fire you’ll be warm no matter what you wear, right? Well, I hope so for Hadid’s sake!

She's getting some girl time in and posing with friends in the Instagram photo, so maybe all of the laughing and fun is keeping her feeling the heat despite the lack of clothing. And maybe those holiday parties you attend will be the same way. Hadid’s black top has a fishnet pattern and showcases her lacy black bra. I'm thinking you should give this look a try because it definitely makes for a great party outfit.

See Hadid’s sultry top along with similar long-sleeved sheer options you can shop this season. Because the weather doesn’t have to dictate what you wear. As long as you’ve got a thick coat — you’re free to wear whatever you’d like underneath. Go all out, Hadid style.

Not what you expect for this time of year, but I'm liking it.

1. Embellished Sheer Top

Embellished High Neck Top, $65, ASOS

This is perfectly festive for the holidays.

2. Sheer Lace

Plus Size Long-Sleeve Lace Top, $79, Macy's

Keep it classy with a lacy sheer number.

3. Sheer Patterning

Epoch Of Edge Top, $279, ModCloth

I love all of the patterning on this blouse.

4. Metallic & Sheer

Longline T-Shirt With Metallic Holiday Patterning, $63, ASOS

I think Hadid would definitely approve of this sexy, yet festive top.

5. Sheer Sweater

Sheer Stripe Button Back Sweater, $48.50, Torrid

A sheer sweater is the best of sexiness and warmth.

6. Sheer Turtleneck

Sheer High Neck Top, $51, ASOS

This is see-through, but still keeps you somewhat covered, in case you do care a little bit about being chilly.

7. Delicate Sheerness

Eyelash Lace Top, $19.90, Forever 21+

Be completely ladylike in this lace top.

Sheer sexiness is the way to go this season.

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