Liam Payne's Life-Changing New Year's Resolution Deserves All The Applause

It's about time for new beginnings, and Liam Payne seems to be no exception. In an interview with People this past weekend, it was revealed that Liam Payne wants to stop smoking in 2016. While it took a lot for him to admit in the first place, his fans quickly ran to support Liam Payne's resolution. Will the 1D member be able to persevere with their encouragement?

While talking to People at the Jingle Ball in Los Angeles this weekend, the 1D boys were asked their plans for 2016. It is all that is on anyone's minds when it comes to One Direction, since the subject of their hiatus, set to begin in March 2016, is no secret. When asked what their New Year's resolutions were, Harry Styles replied that it was "too early" to think about his, soon-to-be father Louis Tomlinson didn't bother with one because he never follows through with them, and Niall Horan reported more standard plans to hit up the gym. Payne, however, got serious, saying:

"I'm going to try and give up smoking, which is hard, but I do want to," he said. "I want to. It's about time. Need to grow up now."

So much love and respect for this One Direction member right now! It takes a lot to be able to address a problem to yourself — imagine admitting it to the entire world! It takes a lot of guts, so the fact that the "Drag Me Down" singer even had the guts to bring it up is a big step in itself.

Thankfully, Payne has received nothing but love, support, and encouragement from his friends and fans. Almost immediately after word got out about the People interview, One Direction fans across the globe got to work, making #YouCanDoItLiam a top worldwide trend on Twitter. Here's how fans are showing their support for the kind 1D member.

1. By Posting Throwbacks

When Payne was born, he suffered from complications because he was born with only one working kidney. Fans help him remember that if he fought back then, he can certainly fight now!

2. By Reminding Him Of His Strength

When in doubt, tough it out! Payne's fans were quick to remind him of how strong he is on the inside and out.

3. By Reminding Him That They Are Counting On Him

One Direction fans look up to Payne so much, so they have high expectations for him.

4. By Reminding Him That They'll Support Him Forever

It's good for the 1D member to know that no matter what, his fans will always support him and his decisions.

5. By Reminding Him That They Are Still Proud Of Him

For a 22 year old, Liam Payne has accomplished a lot. Thankfully, his fans will never let him forget it.

6. By Reminding Him To Believe

Justin Bieber said it first, and he's right!

7. By Reminding Him of Everything He Has Done For Them

He never stops giving to his fans, and they understand that. Now, they are ready to return the favor.

You can do it Payne, we all believe in you! Making the decision to stop smoking is a big one, but it'll be worth it in the long run. Good luck, Payne, it's all yours.