11 Christmas Socks That Will Effortlessly Complete Any Holiday Outfit — PHOTOS

For me, a holiday day outfit is something pretty special. As a keen over-dresser, getting fully into the spirit has to mean a head to toe makeover, and finding the perfect Christmas socks is a big part of that. Once in a while, my mom gets it totally right with her stocking stuffer so that I don't have to worry. Other times, I cop out with a glittery over-the-knee number I already own. But most of the time, I make it a priority to find the funniest or most kitschy socks out there with which to adorn my feet for the entirety of Christmas Day. And on laundry days in the spring, because I'm only human.

It might seem ridiculous to spend money on socks that you're only meant to wear for a few days each year, but for me it's a small tradition that helps make my holiday that little bit better. After all, what is the holiday season for if not silly traditions?

Even if you're the least festive person ever, buying a pair of silly socks will be an easy way out of all those accusations that you're acting like Scrooge, without you having to don an ugly Christmas sweater. At the end of the day, making other people happy by wearing stupid and/or ugly items of clothing is a huge part of this entire month. So here are some holiday socks for your footsies, none featuring that scratchy seasonal wool invented in the depths of hell.

1. Santa's Elf Socks

Santa's Elf Socks, $5, Sock Shop

This is one of the more traditional holiday socks you can buy. I'm pretty sure this design comes around every year, which means it's a safe festive choice for when you just can't be bothered to think of something new.

2. Santa Penguin Socks

Digital Santa Penguin Socks, $6, Topshop

These cute Christmas socks just couldn't get any more Christmassy, from the snow background to the little penguins sharing seasonal greetings to the penguins donning a Santa hat to do so.

3. Festive Fuck Socks

Holiday Fuck Knee Socks, $10, Joy of Socks

These are guaranteed to annoy your mom, but if you can't casually swear during the holidays, when can you?

4. Candy Cane Socks

Photoreal Candy Cane Ankle Socks, $3, Claires

Although I love all the kitschy cartoon designs that surface every year, these photo realistic socks portray my favorite part of the season (the food!) so accurately.

5. Coca Cola Christmas Polar Bear Socks

Coca Cola Christmas Polar Bear Socks, $13, Sock Shop

Because what could be better than socks that bring together two of your favorite things: Coca Cola and Christmas?

6. Christmas Huskies Socks

Christmas Huskies Socks, $7, Sock Drawer

Huskies are the most Christmassy dog. It's a fact, and it's only proven by these adorable dog socks.

7. Christmas Lights Cat Socks

Christmas Lights Cat Socks, $5, Joy of Socks

I know that not everyone is a dog person (even if I can't understand it). If that's you, then these kitty cat socks will be just the ticket.

8. A Weed Lover's Socks

Pot Lovers Christmas Socks, $10, Sock Drawer

These are the ultimate tool for annoying your mom. She'll likely only realize the major detail of this sock towards the end of the day, though, at which point you will have gotten through the Christmas period with your 4/20 appreciation practically untouched.

9. Santa Snoopy Knee High Socks

Peanuts Santa Snoopy Knee High Socks, $5, Claires

Who doesn't love Snoopy, am I right?

10. Christmas Kitten Print Socks

Digital Christmas Kitten Print Socks, $6, Topshop

No more needs to be said than "aww." These are the sweetest socks on this list.

11. Knee High Sock

Knee High Sock, $5, Target

I love the trim on this pair of festive socks! It's just a little extra to take them to a whole other level of Christmas kitsch.

Some people may call you an idiot for investing in clothing that can only be worn for roughly two weeks of the year, but I commend the commitment to all things Christmas whenever I see someone wearing a festive sweater, hat, or even a sock. It shows a dedication to the holiday spirit that should only be admired. So, well done for understanding the meaning of the season: To purchase technically unnecessary items just for the fun of it.

Images: Courtesy Brands