Gwen Stefani Brings Fishnets Back & Shows How To Rock Them Formally — PHOTOS

Let's just take a moment to pay some homage to Gwen Stefani and her impeccable off-kilter sense of style. Which is why when Gwen Stefani wore fishnets to Z100's Elvis Duran Morning Show in NYC, it seemed only fitting. After all, fishnets have long been a staple in her wardrobe, both in her No Doubt days and more recently, rocking them with shorts, skirts, and even on the Red Carpet.

With three older sisters with a penchant for alternative music, No Doubt was a staple in our household. More than that, Stefani was the ultimate style icon, with her bright blonde locks (shout out to her pink hair moment, though) crop tops, ties with bikini tops, and her array of colored lipsticks. I mean, she could not have been cooler. She's the reason that plaid is a necessity in my wardrobe these days.

As she grew older, Stefani may have ditched the crop tops, but she still kept her unique sense of style. Exaggerated silhouettes, bold colors, and wild patterns will always remain in her style DNA. On stage, though, she still rocks beaters, black denim, and metal suspenders. There's only a small handful of people that can rock a loose, matching sweatsuit with high top sneakers, and Stefani happens to be the ring leader of that group.

At Elvis Duran, Stefani wore a fishnet midi black dress layered over even more fishnet tights. To heighten the look even more, she paired it all with caged heels. Of course, she was in her iconic blonde bob and red wig. And may I just say, she looks fantastic. The saying "less is more" simply just doesn't apply to this chick, and she pulls it off well.

Robin Marchant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fishnets have long been a way to add some edge to an outfit, but it's making a major comeback, from Kim Kardashian West rocking a fishnet turtleneck, to Rihanna baring all in a fishnet dress, to Taylor Swift's elegant silver netted gown at the 2014 Grammys. Basically, if you haven't jumped on this trend already, now's the time, with some of our favorite pieces, below.

1. The Turtleneck

Nasty Gal Outsider Fishnet Top, $48,

Killing two trend birds with one stone: Fishnet and turtlenecks.

2. The Sexy Bra

Fleur Du Mal Fishnet Triangle Bra, $75,

Who doesn't want to step up their intimates game?

3. The Formal Dress

Beatrice Premium Fishnet Dress, $178,

Who thought fishnet would look so good in formal wear?

4. The Cardigan

Missguided Plus Size Fishnet Crochet Cardigan White, $51,

Love how this crochet cardigan and fringe adds such a subtle boho look.

5. The Infinity Scarf

Cejon Solid Mini Fishnet Infinity Loop, $36,

Fishnet and a pop of color? Count me in.

6. The Layered Tank

Vince Camuto Sequin Fishnet Tank, $89,

Perfect for any holiday party you're hitting up this season.

7. The Pencil Skirt

Concrete Runway Sable Fishnet Pencil Skirt, $68,

This would be perfect with pointed ankle boots and cropped sweater.

8. The Swimsuit

ASOS FULLER BUST Exclusive Fishnet Insert Plunge Swimsuit, $51,

If you're lucky enough to be able to wear this swimsuit during this season, I'm seriously envious.

9. The Pullover

Banana Republic Fishnet Pullover, $59.50,

This is the perfect casual look for a weekend brunch.

10. The Sporty Tank

Zadig et Voltaire Weep Fishnet Tank Top, $100,

With a leather moto jacket? Yep, you'll be the coolest chick in the bunch.

Styled with just the right ensembles, you may just catch (see what I did there?) a few stares with a fishnet piece. What's sexier than showing off just a bit of skin?