'Once Upon A Time' Travels To The Underworld For Season 5B & Everything Makes So Much Sense Now

We've known for awhile that the 100th episode of Once Upon A Time plans to bring back several dead characters, and now we know how. Despite popular opinion that a majority of these returns would involve flashbacks, it's actually all going to take place in real time, thanks to Once Upon A Time traveling to the Underworld in the second half of Season 5. In Sunday's fall finale, we saw Hook die (my eternal tears) to get rid of the darkness, but Emma isn't giving up on him so easily. After she discovers that Rumple simply transferred the darkness back to himself (he is just never gonna change), Emma made a deal with him in exchange for not telling Belle: He's going to open up a path to the Underworld so she can find Hook, give him half her heart, and bring him back to life.

Of course, along the way Emma and her family will have to endure reuniting with some of the most dangerous villains OUAT has ever seen and killed — Peter Pan, Cora, and more will return to the show to torment our favorite heroes. But, it might be worth it if Hook can be brought back to life. Oh, and we might also get to meet Hercules and Meg finally (and maybe even Hades?), so I guess I can deal with having to see Peter Pan again if that happens.

Hopefully Emma will be successful in her journey to Hell, but I'm sure her efforts won't come without a lot of villains trying to stop her. Season 5B is going to be intense and awesome. I can't wait for March!