Who Got Snubbed For a Grammy Nomination?

by Kadeen Griffiths

Ah, the Grammys, where your faves will either fade into obscurity for a year or sweep the categories. While I'm still trying to deal with my bitterness over the fact that Taylor Swift's latest album 1989 was released too late to be a consideration, so that the pop star can go home with all the awards she deserves for making it, there were still a lot of great contenders in the race this year that would have certainly deserved to get a nomination. This goes out to them — because a lot of them didn't receive a nomination. Instead, they only have bitter tears and broken dreams (okay, maybe that's just me) and a sad sense that today should have gone another way. So, who got snubbed in the Grammy nominations for the 57th Grammy Awards? Let's talk about One Direction.

I don't know about you, but I was expecting Beyoncé to totally sweep every category. After all, as soon as you heard that BEYONCÉ was within the eligibility period for the Grammys, you could kind of guess that the album, and several singles there from, were worthy of a Grammy. However, many fans were hoping to see One Direction grab a nomination for Midnight Memories, released in November 2013 — and they didn't. Not only were they not nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album, but they also failed to place in the Record of the Year category. I can't be the only one who was shocked by that.

Here are some other artists and albums that were neglected in the Grammy nominations.

One Direction, Midnight Memories

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I said it above and I'll say it again: it's utterly surprising that Midnight Memories (or "Story of My Life") wasn't nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album or Record of the Year. Even people who hate One Direction have to grudgingly admit that Midnight Memories is their one good album — but the Grammys left the boys off the list entirely.

Lady Gaga, ARTPOP

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Lady Gaga is the queen of experimental pop music and that was no different when it came to ARTPOP. In fact, that was kind of the whole point of the album. However, the album and any songs therefrom absolutely failed to place on the list of Grammy nominations, much to the chagrin of her fans. Instead, Lady Gaga only picked up one nomination — Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album for Cheek to Cheek with Tony Bennett.

Nicki Minaj, "Pills N Potions"

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Don't get me wrong. "Anaconda" was a great single and it got recognized as such by the nominations list, but I think that Minaj's "Pills N Potions" should have been a contender for Record of the Year. It was one of her most thoughtful, reflective, and somber songs and I still get chills listening to it.

Fall Out Boy, "Centuries"

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The Best Rock Song category landed one Fueled By Ramen artist with Paramore, but they somehow entirely neglected Fall Out Boy and "Centuries." I know Save Rock and Roll was released too early to be considered in the 2015 Grammys, but "Centuries" squeaked in there just before the deadline and was a fantastic example of light rock music.

Fifth Harmony, "Bo$$"

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I'm sorry. Exactly how do you write a song that has Michelle Obama and Oprah in the chorus and not nominate that song for a Grammy? That's just unpatriotic. I'm very disappointed in that Song of the Year category.

Maroon 5, V

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you thought that V was a great album for Maroon 5, then it appears you were alone in that completely. The Grammys didn't nominate Maroon 5 (or Adam Levine) in any category at all, despite their most recent album coming out in August of 2014.

Lana Del Rey, Ultraviolence

Katie Stratton/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lana Del Rey is the artists so nice we thought Taylor Swift had ripped her off in 1989. However, Del Rey failed to be nominated for any song on Ultraviolence, let alone the entire album. Only her producer, Greg Kurstin, who worked with her on "Money Power Glory" got a nomination.

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