1D Didn't Get A Grammy Nomination AGAIN

by Amy Mackelden

The world is still trying to come to terms with the fact that One Direction are taking a hiatus (which might last as long as two years!), so it's obviously a big deal that One Direction haven't received any Grammy nominations, announced Monday, despite being eligible. This gives me a super sad face, especially as 1D are yet to get one of those all-important Grammys. They're such a successful band worldwide, and have had an impressive career to date. So why has One Direction been snubbed?

Made in the A.M. was not eligible for this year's awards, being released after the Sept. 30 cut off date, but their previous album Four was expected to garner some nominations. Similarly, single "Drag Me Down" was eligible for nominations too, so it's a surprise that One Direction weren't nominated at all, considering their status as one of the most successful boy bands in the world right now.

As the band are going on hiatus, does this mean that One Direction are now out of chances to win a Grammy? Made in the A.M. will be eligible for next year's nominations, but, as the band won't be together at the time, will anyone consider them seriously?

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While I'm sure the members of 1D are slightly sad that they're not starting their hiatus with a slew of award nominations, they've already had several successes in 2015. Their first album post-Zayn Malik, Made In The A.M., sold over 400,000 copies in its first week sales in the U.S., and despite Malik announcing his own plans to release music, One Direction have largely held the spotlight.

The best thing everyone can do right now is hold One Direction in their hearts, and not lose sight of them during their hiatus. Soon, they'll be back, and there will be plenty of future chances to score Grammy nominations. Hey, even Leonardo DiCaprio can't grab that much-elusive Oscar. It happens to the best of them. When you look at it like that, One Direction join a group of prestigious VIPs who have also been snubbed, but that haven't been made any less amazing by those snubs.