Who Is Jordan Smith's Girlfriend? 'The Voice' Star & His Lady Are Relationship Goals

Guess who: He's got charisma and his voice is legitimately unbelievable. Give up? It's Jordan Smith from The Voice, who is certainly a fan favorite this season. His bold song choices only make us love him more. Every single insane tune that is thrown his way, he manages to not only conquer but he make completely his own. With all of these amazing qualities, it's no wonder that fans have fallen for this superstar in the making. Unfortunately for the ladies that are swooning, he is very happily taken. Jordan and his girlfriend are the definition of relationship goals. But, who is this mystery woman?

Not a whole lot is known about Jordan's lady. What we do know is, her name is Kristen and she attended the auditions in support of her guy. We also know for sure that she is Jordan Smith's biggest fan and supporter. The twosome has had had to deal with some distance since he's been competing on The Voice, but it looks like it hasn't affected their relationship one bit. They seem to have a rock solid thing going on, and it's seriously adorable. After some serious sleuthing through social media accounts, here are a few facts about Kristen that any Jordan Smith fan would love to know.

Jordan Loves To Dote On Her

Just last week Kristen celebrated a birthday and even though Jordan is intensely competing on a live television competition, he sent her a bouquet of red roses along with an absolutely stunning Kate Spade bag. That Tiffany blue color is to die for. #SoJelly

She Plays Softball

Kristen coaches softball for Bell County. She seems to absolutely love doing it and posts a lot of encouraging words and photos about the girls on her team.

Jordan Recorded A Song For Her

Seriously? Stop it. For Valentine's Day, Jordan recorded a cover of Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" which she proudly displayed with an adorable swimming caption on Instagram.

Her Dog Is Adorable

I always have a special soft spot for dog lovers, and Kristen has a dog that she adores. Also, his name is Jagger, which is so totally rock 'n' roll.

They've Been Together For More Than Three Years

I absolutely love their tradition of getting an ornament every year that they've been together. According to her Instagram Christmas of 2014 was the third Christmas together. Looks like they're coming up on their fourth in a matter of weeks. Congrats to these two!

She & Jordan Have The Cutest Texts

These two officially have the cutest relationship in the galaxy. Their texts are so incredibly precious. They really show how perfect these two are together. Basically, I'm totally Team Jordsten.

Images: Tyler Golden/ NBC