How To Have The Perfect 'Harry Potter' Christmas

Look, Santa. We had fun, but it's time for you to take a backseat in that "magic" sleigh of yours and move aside for the actual magic — the magic of creating a butt-sized hole in your couch after marathoning all eight Harry Potter movies in one weekend, that is. It's no secret to Potterheads that Christmas is basically a fancy old-school term for Harry Pottermas, because for some reason the two of them are inextricably tied in our brains forever. Hell, I remember Christmases at Hogwarts more than I remember the Christmases in my own life. Who cares about shopping in my dumb Muggle mall when it's snowing in Hogsmeade like a nature Instagrammer's wet dream?

I've (sort of) come to terms with the fact that I can't celebrate Christmas on the Hogwarts grounds like I have always dreamed of, but all hope is not lost. Thanks to the aggressive nerdiness of our Internet, there are plenty of ways to bring to the Hogwarts to you, and celebrate as if you, too, are avoiding your hateful blood relations while getting your ass handed to you at Wizard's chess by your ginger BFF! Here are all the ways you can have yourself a very Harry Christmas this year:

Make Your Own Butterbeer At Home

Guys, I'm lazy AF and even I can channel my inner Madame Rosmerta to make this shiz. It has literally three ingredients: ice cream, butterscotch syrup, and cream soda. FOLLOW YOUR BUTTERBEER BLISS.

Have A Harry Potter Themed Secret Santa

If you don't have enough friends who are obsessed enough with Harry Potter to orchestrate this Secret Santa ... maybe it's time to get some new friends. In any case, it's super easy to organize — start a Secret Santa account on Elfster, and pick your gifts from our handy-dandy Harry Potter Christmas gift guide.

Make DIY Snitch Ornaments

Let's be real — now that we've all moved out of our parents houses, we still have not managed to achieve the level of adulthood required to have our own respectable collection if ornaments. That sad broken tree you liberated from the corner of the farm will thank you, and this tutorial proves that making ornamental snitches way easier than you think.

Play A Harry Potter Drinking Game

The only thing better than marathoning the films? Marathoning the films while getting wizard slizzarrrrrd. Here is the official Harry Potter drinking game — just remember, kids. Don't drink and broom.

Watch All The Harry Potter Parodies

The Internet has worked hard over the last decade and a half to supply us with these riches — I'm A Hufflepuff, R-Rated Harry Potter, Harry Potter As A Teen Movie — more than any wizard could count. If Drunk You doesn't immediately respect the creators of these by clicking one of them and taking a journey down the YouTube suggestions rabbit hole, you are disrespecting both yourself and this ENTIRE FANDOM.

Host A Harry Potter Dinner Party

No idea where to start? Bustle already compiled a list of the Great Hall's best offerings for you to recreate in the comfort of your own home. Mrs. Weasley and the house elves of Hogwarts have NOTHING on you.

Wear Mismatching Socks Everywhere You Go


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