Is Chanel The Red Devil Killer On 'Scream Queens'? This Kappa House President Should Still Be On Your Radar

It's been a wild and crazy ride these last few months, but now it's finally time to pull back the proverbial curtain and discover the true identity of the other Scream Queens Red Devil killer. Yes, in just a few hours time, we will be able to piece all of this insanity together at long last. But before the Scream Queens Season 1 finale makes its grand (and undoubtedly bloody) debut, I want to take some time to throw one more theory out there for us to contemplate before all is revealed. What if Chanel is actually the Red Devil killer?

I'm sure the thought has crossed your mind at least once throughout the series. I mean, it's definitely something she would be more than capable of. In fact, every character has looked incredibly guilty at one point or another. But now that there's only one Red Devil left standing, many viewers have grown less and less sure about who it could be, given that so many of the characters have been in the same room as the final Red Devil. For example, many could argue that Chanel couldn't possibly be the killer because we just saw her standing right in front of the Red Devil at the mall. (She can't be in front of the mask and behind it at the same time.)

So what makes me so sure that she's the guilty party in question? Back in July, Ryan Murphy revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that "there's a big clue dropped in the first episode as to who the killer is." So I went back and did a little digging and discovered something rather interesting. In a flashback to when Chanel was a pledge at Kappa House, the then-reigning president Melanie Dorkus said something to Chanel that immediately piqued my interest. She told Chanel that "The next president of this house has to be willing to dance with the devil himself to keep this thing of ours going. And baby, you ain’t got it." Does that "dance with the devil" phrase sound familiar? Because it should.

Right before Chanel No. 2 was killed, one of the Red Devils stood right in front of her and texted, "So you want to dance with the devil?" That can't be a coincidence, right? It's just too unique of a phrase to not mean anything. And while this could very well indicate that Melanie is the one hiding behind the mask, I think it's also equally possible for it to be Chanel. She is the Kappa House president after all. Melanie's statement could've been foreshadowing what Chanel would have to become in order to get what she wants.

And let's not forget the fact that Chanel No. 2 was apparently sleeping with Chad Radwell. (Much like many other people on campus.) So that could've given Chanel even more incentive to do away with another Kappa member. So that still leaves us with one tiny flaw in this theory. If Chanel is the final Red Devil, then who was standing before her in the mall wearing the costume? I believe this is where Pete comes into play. We know he knows something, considering how super shady he's been appearing lately. I think he somehow got recruited by Chanel (via blackmail or otherwise) to do her bidding — like donning the devil ensemble so that she'd look less suspicious. He does own the costume, let's not forget.

That's why Pete is looking so guilty. He may not be committing the actual murders, but he's been assisting the people who are and his guilty conscience is catching up with him. That's why he called himself a killer in front of Grace. Because in his mind, he's just as at fault as the true Red Devils. Let's just hope Grace is able to help him become a double agent and finally unmask Chanel as the killer she truly is.

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