Gigi May Have Major 'Scream Queens' Family Ties

There's no denying that Ryan Murphy's latest thriller has taken us on one wild and crazy ride this season. Between all of the Red Devil theories and bathtub baby twists, Scream Queens has easily become everyone's new favorite obsession. And even though the two-hour finale is only a week away, we still have so many questions regarding the final killer's identity on Scream Queens and how this evil vendetta first got set into motion. Which is why I think we need to take a closer look at Gigi's connection to the Red Devil killers. Given that she was the "Hag of Shady Lane" who basically morphed these bathtub babies into full-blown murderers, I'd consider her to be the ring leader of the group. (Or at least she was until her recent beheading.) But why was she so invested in this vendetta in the first place?

Normally, the idea of someone raising abandoned children as their own could be seen as downright generous. However, when your idea of "family bonding" involves mass murdering sorority sisters left and right, then that tends to put a damper on the whole thing. Was Gigi really so upset about her friend's death that she thought turning the girl's twin children into killers would serve as some twisted form of justice? That kind of outlandish incentive seems like a hard pill to swallow even for this show, which makes me wonder — perhaps Gigi is related to the Red Devils in some way.

Now this doesn't necessarily mean that Gigi is necessarily the biological mother who gave birth to them in the sorority bathtub and then died shortly afterward (though I'm certainly not ruling it out as a possibility). But I think these killers have more of an incentive to get back at the Kappa House if their mother actually died due to the other pledges' selfish behavior. But that isn't the only way Gigi could be genetically tied to the babies. She could be their aunt or a cousin perhaps. We know very little about the deceased girl's family, so it's entirely possible the two characters were related in some way. (Gigi could've covered up any evidence of the connection later on.)

Personally, I'm working under the strong belief that Hester is the other Red Devil in question, and there's no denying how much Lea Michele and Nasim Pedrad look like one another. This could be Murphy's way of subtly hinting at us that these two ladies share some serious DNA. And let's not forget some of the many one-sided phone calls we've witnessed between Gigi and one of the Red Devils. One time, when Wes asked what the call had been about, Gigi had simply replied saying that it was "family drama." Was this just an easy excuse or could there have been a much bigger truth hiding within that statement?

In the recent Thanksgiving episode, Gigi told the remaining Devil that they were the closest thing she has to family, which could be another reference to her dearly departed sister/cousin/what have you. And if Wes really is the father, then maybe that's why Gigi became so drawn to him considering that he too would technically be family. Of course, if the Red Devils and Gigi value family so much then it doesn't really make sense why they would be OK with murdering each other. But hey, when has logic and reasoning ever been a prerequisite for this show? Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go stumble down another Tumblr theory rabbit hole.

Images: Patti Perret/FOX; nasim-pedrad/Tumblr; Giphy