The One Thing You Need To Remove Lipstick Without Makeup Remover — PHOTOS

'Tis the season for holiday parties and long-wear lipsticks in eye-catching hues. But when the night is done, you're fresh out of makeup remover, and that lipstick refuses to budge, just reach for the one thing you need to remove lipstick without makeup remover. Luckily, it's probably already hiding in your bathroom cabinet!

Bright lipstick is like the tequila of makeup. It's my number one go-to if I need an immediate boost of colorful courage before a big night out. One swipe of deep berry and I, more or less, feel like superwoman.

If you're still looking for a signature bright shade to reach for this holiday season, I would definitely encourage you to hit up Sephora for a lipstick Color IQ session! An artist will use Pantone color technology to find the perfect shades for you. I ended up swooning for Too Faced's Melted Berry cream long wear lip color.

Last weekend, I was out of makeup remover and hit up the Internet to know how else to get my beloved berry shade off my lips before bed. Turns out, the one thing you need to remove lipstick without makeup remover is good old Vaseline jelly!

All you have to do is coat your lips in Vaseline (or another brand of petroleum jelly), and then wipe away with makeup remover pads (or a paper towel if that's all you've got). Rinse your lips with water and repeat until all the color is gone! Et voila — it's as simple as that.

Vaseline 100 Percent Pure Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline, $8.29, Vaseline

Hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic, Vaseline is all you need to swipe off stubborn lipsticks.

Makeup Remover Rounds

Organic Cotton Extra Large Rounds, $3.75, Maxim Hygiene

I am obsessed with the extra large rounds from Maxim Hygiene since they're totally organic.

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