'The Flash' Will Return After Big Developments

Doesn't it always seem like shows go on their midseason break just when things are starting to get really good? That's certainly true of The CW's The Flash, which will head into its hiatus with some big story threads hanging loose after Tuesday night's midseason finale. So when will The Flash return after what is sure to be a giant cliffhanger? Let's get this out of the way first: The CW hasn't revealed the show's exact midseason premiere date just yet, but since spinoff Legends of Tomorrow is premiering on the network Jan. 21, it's likely The Flash will come back in late January 2016 — perhaps Jan. 19 or Jan. 26.

As for what to expect from The Flash when it does return from hiatus, let's look at what's happened so far in Season 2 (since there's a lot). The two most relevant plot threads from the first half of the season include Zoom — scary blue speedster with claws and a monstrous mouth, remember him? — and Francine West's revelation that she had a second child after leaving Iris and Joe in Central City. But why are these relevant, you ask? Well, Zoom is the big bad of Season 2, like the Reverse-Flash before him, so we'll definitely be seeing him again when Barry and the rest of Team Flash return. As for Francine West, that revelation is going to come back in a big way to The Flash.

If you haven't been paying attention to casting details, and don't know certain aspects of The Flash's DC Comics background or teammates, you may not know about Wally West. Promo photos reveal he will make his first appearance in The Flash midseason finale, "Running to Stand Still," before actor Keiynan Lonsdale joins as a series regular, as reported by CinemaBlend. So that means we'll be seeing a lot more of Wally — who is presumably Iris' recently discovered brother. In the comics, Wally West is known as Kid Flash, another speedster, so it seems we'll be seeing another metahuman with speed abilities on the series. Is it just me or should Central City create a speedster club? They certainly have enough of them.

Speaking of speedsters, it's unlikely that Zoom is done with Barry. Even though the villain broke The Flash's back and carried him around the city on display as the citizens' defeated hero, something tells me this villain won't rest until Barry is dead — or until he's been defeated by The Flash. Plus, there's still the mystery of who Zoom actually is. Although there are plenty of contenders, we aren't even close to figuring out the mysterious identity of Barry's formidable foe.

So, although fans are going to have to wait at least a month and a half before The Flash returns from its midseason hiatus, there's plenty to look forward to when the show comes back thanks to Zoom and Wally West. I, for one, am most excited to see another member of the West family on The Flash — and frightened to think about what else Zoom is capable of. But if we have any chance of getting through this hiatus, which will likely last until mid-January, we have to focus on the positive.

Images: Cate Cameron, Katie Yu/The CW; theflashdaily/Tumblr