Woman's Breakup Story On Adele's Facebook Page Proves That We Are All Adele

We are used to dishing relationship dirt to our friends, but not to the extent of this woman who shared her breakup story on Adele's Facebook page. It was an epic tale of drinking too much and singing too loudly, that had a happy ending we didn't see coming but can decidedly get behind. Basically, someone in Hollywood is writing a screenplay about this right now, and we are all about to witness Adele's power come into full force.

In case you were living under a rock for the last month, Adele's comeback has been stratospheric. She has beaten too many records in the music world to count on all of my fingers, and it doesn't look like she will slow down any time soon. Her songs are dramatic and heart-wrenching, often causing me to annoy people by playing her stuff on repeat for days. (Well, if you can call anyone who is annoyed by Adele "people".) Basically, Adele, I love you, and if you ever need a Russian sidekick I'll be there in a heartbeat.

It looks like I was not the only big fan of Adele to connect to her music, because one woman from Northern Ireland agrees. She posted her story on Adele's Facebook fan page, where it has deservedly racked up a lot of likes and comments. Sure, the context is a little cloudy, who who needs context with a story this epic? Some of my favorite parts included the fact that Stephanie peed her pants and threw up before breaking up with her scumbag ex. No seriously, it's amazing, I swear. YOU GO, GIRL!

Somewhere in the world, Adele's all:


Images: Getty; Giphy