Could Hogarth & Pam Get Back Together On 'Jessica Jones'? Susie Abromeit Teases Their Romantic Fate

In many ways, the first season of Jessica Jones tied up its storylines in a neat bow. Kilgrave is gone for good; Trish and Jessica are closer than they've ever been; whiskey is never in short supply. However, there were a few things that were left up in the air, which I think we'd all love to see play out if Jessica Jones returns for Season 2. (But let's face it, a renewal is pretty much guaranteed at this point, right?) For starters, there's that whole mystery behind the IGH organization, and on the more personal side, there's the fate of Jeri Hogarth and Pam's romantic future on Jessica Jones . Last we saw, Pam was in jail for killing Wendy as she attacked Hogarth, and refused to let Hogarth even be her lawyer — not exactly a good sign for their relationship. So does that mean Hogarth and Pam have broken up for good?

I recently had the chance to chat with Pam herself, played by Susie Abromeit, who had a few thoughts on the matter. Though she has no idea the direction the writers would take with this particular relationship, the actress hasn't given up hope at the possibility of an eventual reconciliation. Because on a series like this, the sky is the limit. "I would say that it's the Marvel universe, so I can only say free Pam and see what happens," Abromeit says.

It is entirely possible that Pam could be freed in a second season ofJessica Jones. She killed Wendy to save Hogarth, the woman she loved, from being stabbed with a thousand cuts (Wendy was under Kilgrave's control at the time). And while Pam turned herself in, the ordeal put a significant strain on her relationship with Hogarth, especially after she learned that Hogarth had originally been in cahoots with Kilgrave to control Wendy's mind and force her to sign their divorce papers. This made Pam see Hogarth in a completely different light.

But that doesn't necessarily mean they're done for good. However, it would take a lot of time and hard work to get these two lovebirds back together in a healthy capacity. Because, as Abromeit freely admits, Pam is not without her own demons and faults. "I would say that she's definitely not innocent, but there's a part of her that wants to do the right thing." It's just a question of whether or not Hogarth will be part of Pam's journey. Let's just hope these two can work things out because when they're not committing murders or felonies, because they're actually pretty adorable together.

Images: Netflix; taylorischilling, asexualalexdanvers/Tumblr