6 Great Things About 'black-ish'

These days most network shows instead opt to segment their seasons in half with a month or two break for the holidays — a winter hiatus, if you will. So, with its Christmas episode, "Stuff," black-ish will have its fall finale on Dec. 9, but it should return after the holidays. So, when exactly can fans expect black-ish to return from hiatus? Well, most of ABC's dramas won't be back until February 2016, but the same doesn't seem to be true of its comedies.

Season 1 of black-ish took its break after Dec. 10 and didn't return until Jan. 7, and something similar is probably planned for Season 2, with Jan. 6 the first post-New Year's Eve Wednesday night where black-ish will likely be on the schedule. But, even a short amount of time feels like a lifetime when it comes to missing out on new episodes of black-ish, since the sitcom has had a remarkable sophomore season. And, the funniest parts of the show can't be reproduced anywhere else, even with all of the many comedies out there between networks, cable, and streaming series. So, here it is, a collection of the top reasons that black-ish will be missed during its winter break. I limited it to six, but fans know there are basically a thousand.

1. When It Takes On Topics No One Else Will

And I don't just mean the N-word. I'm talking about religion, gun control, kids not dressing up in costumes on Halloween — nothing can possibly be too inappropriate or too taboo for the show.

2. Anthony Anderson's Ability To Make Voiceover Entertaining

Even though Dre is often the least likable member of his family, his opening voiceovers can be very fun opportunities for the show to try different styles or tones, like the flashback to Dre's Compton childhood in "Man at Work."

3. Every Time Diane Is The Smartest Person In The Room

It happens at least once per episode. She is seven going on 40, and her middle-aged elementary school schtick is adorable and funny.

4. Whenever Pops Makes An Appearance

I love Jenifer Lewis as Ruby, but Pops has been less present in Season 2 than it feels like he was in Season 1, making his occasional appearances even better.

5. Tracee Ellis Ross' Facial Expressions

She can deliver a joke, too, but some of Bow's best moments are totally silent.

6. When They Manage To Make Something Really Sweet, But Not Too Sweet

It's a family sitcom, and, because of that, most of the endings are pretty emotional and usually, pretty sweet. But even though black-ish is an unabashedly emotional show, it's never sappy, usually because the Johnsons certainly love one another — but there are also times when they just can't stand things about one another.

And, these are all good reasons why black-ish should hurry back from that winter hiatus so it can be back on ABC in early 2016. Can't wait!

Image: Ron Batzdorff/ABC; Giphy (6); Black-ishABC, Bananadome/Tumblr