Zach Seabaugh Fails To Impress With "The Climb" In 'The Voice' Semi-Finals

With The Voice Finale fast approaching, it's time to get rid of the weaker performers. One of those performers? Team Blake's Zach Seabaugh. Seabaugh is widely known to The Voice fans as Season 9's Teenage Heartthrob. It's no secret that the recipient of this title always makes it farther than they should in these competitions, but there comes a time when America has to say "goodbye." For Seabaugh, that time is now. There's no denying that he has talent, but not enough to make it into the finale.

The contestants are facing the biggest cut of the season tomorrow night, so everyone is bringing it. While Seabaugh's cover of Miley Cyrus' "The Climb" was good, it wasn't good enough to beat the likes of Madi Davis or Jordan Smith. I will give Seabaugh props for his song choice, though. Up until now, the 17-year-old has only given fun performances to popular, upbeat songs. These have only solidified his "heartthrob" status and made it impossible to send him home. I mean, really, how can you not vote for a little Elvis-style hip-shaking? But Seabaugh finally moved away from his signature style in tonight's semi-finals and gave the audience the ballad they've been waiting for. It was a sweet performance and it was great to see the Georgia native show off his softer side, but it proved that Seabaugh still has a ways to go before earning The Voice title.

The other reason it's time for Seabaugh to go? His competition is just so much better. If Seabaugh were to stay in place of Jeffery Austin, Amy Vachal or Emily Ann Roberts, I would seriously doubt America's judge of talent. With so many talented artists on this season and only four spots in the finale, some really talented singers are going to be sent home tomorrow. Only the best will advance and, unfortunately, that shouldn't include Seabaugh.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC