Channel The Snow Queen For Your Holiday Party

It can definitely be said that the White Witch of The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe was pure evil. However, the White Witch's style was stunning. She might've been mean, but she sure knew how to dress herself. While Princess Elsa's Frozen fashion sense is totally on point, the White Witch encompasses an elegance comparable to a mythical princess.

According to Fashion & Film, an "archive of an academic course taught by [media and communications specialist] Rachel K. Ward, PhD," costumier Isis Mussenden and actress Tilda Swinton "went with the idea to make her as Aryan as possible, more Nazi-like, which was appropriate as the film was set during the Second World War." IMO, this was a clever use of mise-en-scène for examining world events of the time. As wicked as she was, though, I think we can agree that her sartorial skills slayed.

The depiction of the snow queen in popular culture has changed over time, of course. The 1957 Russian movie The Snow Queenwhich was re-released in English in 1959 and is based on Hans Christian Andersen's tale — portrays the icy mistress as a robed lady wearing a Maleficent style headdress. Of all the representations of this icy yet magnificent baddie, however, Narnia's White Witch certainly takes the style crown.

So here's how you can be the iciest maiden in the land by channelling Tilda Swinton's updated version of the classic icon.

1. The Dress

Coast Veeda Maxi Dress, $628, ASOS

This divine dress may be a tad on the pricey side, but darling, you are channeling a queen after all. This gown should be saved for the most formal of occasions such as a winter ball, so you can take the spotlight with your shimmering ensemble.

ASOS Curve Lattice Embellished Flutter Sleeve Maxi Dress, $171, ASOS

If you're searching for a frock with a touch of sparkle, this plus size number is sure to put a twinkle in your eye.

Full Gleam Ahead Dress, $230, ModCloth

Make a glimmering statement in a gleaming gown that sparkles from head to toe.

2. The Fur Wrap

Faux Fur Wrap, $31, Etsy

This sophisticated faux fur wrap will have you looking on fleek while you turn your enemies into stone with a flick of your wand.

Jou Jou Plus Size Faux Fur Jacket, $46, Macy's

And for chillier days, you can opt for a faux fur jacket rather than a stole.

3. The Icy Crown

Frozen Icicle Crown, $155, Etsy

Every queen needs a crown, so take style notes from the White Witch and wear an ice-embellished one atop your head.

Weiss Schnee Cosplay RWBY Ice Queen Frozen Winter Icicle Crown Tiara, $15, Etsy

If you desire something a little less dramatic to wear during the day, an icicle-encrusted comb is the way to go.

4. The Fluffy Muff

Handmade Warm Women's Faux Fur Hand Muffs, $7, Amazon

Although the White Witch was not seen wearing a hand muff, I think she would definitely approve of this decadent accessory to keep her hands warm. Because how could she control her wand accurately with frost bitten phalanges?

5. The Battle Dress

Gallery Night Dress In "Leather," $98, Free People

Wear a simple, brown dress underneath your battle garb to move freely and slay your demons.

Simply Be Metallic Knit Skater Dress, $38, Simply Be

Alternatively, strike fear into the hearts of your enemies by wearing a metallic, armor-esque dress.

6. The Leather Armor

Ragged Edge Women's Corset, $150, Etsy

Prepare yourself for life's everyday battles in a brown, studded corset.

Gold Faux Leather Corset, $45, Etsy

If you wish to keep up the regal theme, pick a corset in a metallic shade like gold to look queenly at all times.

7. The Faux Fur Mane

Girls Faux Fur Collar, $7, Amazon

Winter is all about layering, so keep yourself toasty in a faux fur collar that is reminiscent of Aslan's mane.

8. The Golden Crown

Gold Deer Antler Motif Headband, $19, Etsy

Wear this subtle antler crown from day to night to channel the White Witch's war attire.

Gold Mermaid Leather Head Ornament, $54, Etsy

Look ethereally enchanted in this fierce headpiece.

Made To Order Faux Horn Headdress, $200, Etsy

Go big or go home in this nature-inspired faux horn headdress to become a witchy warrior.

9. The Magical Powder

Make Up For Ever Glitters In "Multiocolored White," $15, S ephora

Lend your skin an iridescent luminescence with a glitter that can be applied to your face and body, so that you can channel the White Witch's eerie, ethereal vibe.

You'll rule your kingdom with an unbreakable glacial fist when you dress as the White Witch.

Images: Walt Disney Pictures; Walden Media; Courtesy Brands