Olicity Could Be In Serious Trouble On 'Arrow'

If there's one thing everyone took away from The Flash and Arrow crossover episode last week, it's the fact that Oliver and Felicity are facing dark times, even if they themselves don't know it yet. In two different timelines, we saw Oliver discover that he has a son, and in both of those scenarios we saw him keep that fact from Felicity. It was a stupid decision (to say the least) and one that Oliver will no doubt come to regret in the very near future. Because just like with all secrets on this show, the truth is bound to rear its ugly head eventually and could very well result in an Oliver and Felicity break up scenario.

That's right, folks. As much as I hate to say it, I have a very bad feeling about what this secret will mean for Olicity's future on the show. We saw firsthand in the original timeline (before Barry went back and changed it) how upset Felicity got when she learned what Oliver was keeping from her. It wasn't the fact that he had a son. It was the fact that he lied to her about it. So now that he's gone and repeated his mistake for a second time, I can't imagine this outcome will go over any better. In fact, it may end making things even worse.

"It’s definitely going to come to a head in the middle of the season,” executive producer Wendy Mericle recently shared with Entertainment Weekly. “If there’s a secret somewhere, it’s going to come out and it’s going to have some serious consequences." She also went on to add that, "There will be some fallout for both of them." That doesn't exactly sound very comforting for us Olicity 'shippers out there. These two have come so far in their relationship and Oliver has never seemed happier, so it's going to be devastating to see this dynamic duo take such a severe hit, emotionally. But that doesn't necessarily mean they won't be able to work things out... right?!?!

I'd prefer to be an optimist here and say that these characters have been through far worse together, so they should be able to work things out. But there's a big part of me that can't shake the fact that this is all somehow connected to that grave we see Oliver standing in front of in the Arrow flash forward. Could this be Felicity — dead before she and Oliver are able to work things out? Or is this Oliver's son or even his ex, Samantha, who somehow ended up in the crosshairs of danger because of their ties to Oliver?

Any of these scenarios seem more than possible, but unfortunately, none of them have a happy ending. Let's just hope that the writers will take pity on us and not kill this relationship (literally or figuratively) before it really had a chance to start. That engagement ring deserves to be worn.

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