Melanie Dorkus Must Be Involved On 'Scream Queens'

The time has come the killer to be revealed on Scream Queens, and as my notebook shows, just about every single person is a suspect. I'm even suspecting dead characters to be responsible for the onslaught of, well, slaughters taking place on the Scream Queens campus over the last season. The finale title — two episodes, two hours — features a name familiar to the Kappa house that might just hint at someone we've been over looking since the beginning. The first episode, "Dorkus" seems to be named after Melanie Dorkus, former Kappa president on Scream Queens . So, in honor of her name making an appearance in the finale, let's review everything we know about Melanie Dorkus, just in case she is our unknown Red Devil.

Last we heard, Melanie had a pretty bad spray tan incident. I'm not talking about the bad spray tan incident many of us had before our high school proms (anyone else?), Ross' "One Mississippi" spray tan on Friends, or even the Christina Aguilera spray tan incident of 2012. I'm talking about getting some really terrible burns from a spray tan gone rogue after someone(Red Devil) switched the canisters to hurt her. Here's everything else we know about Melanie's time at Kappa.

She Was Kappa President

She was the reigning President of Kappa Kappa Tau presumably before Chanel took over. If there was a sister who was president before Chanel, we don't know of her.

Her Parents Own Olive Garden

While I don't know if this has anything to do with the plot — it's a specific enough detail to not be ruled out — it is a pretty sweet family to be born into.

She Was Attacked March 25

March 25 is also marked as the same day that Grace was visiting the Kappa house. Related? We shall find out.

People Blamed Chanel

Chanel was the one that brought the spray tan to Melanie's chamber for her minions to spray her. After Chanel left the room, Melanie's skin started burning when it was applied. Dean Munsch says that the family settled with the tanning company, but most people blamed Chanel for the incident.

She's Around 20 Years Old

Just throwing this out there, but unlike certain characters that aren't old enough to be the second bathtub baby (Grace), Melanie would be the appropriate age to be the twin to Dead Boone.

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