Is Melanie Dorkus The Red Devil On 'Scream Queens'? She May Return With A Vengeance

Who is the Scream Queens unknown killer? Seriously, anyone know? The suspect list grows week after week, and now that we're at the finale, I can confidently say that everyone is a suspect. One person that has been overlooked by the characters is Melanie Dorkus, former Kappa president and possible Red Devil. While everyone is busy suspecting each other as the killer, what if the killer is someone that isn't even a flicker in the minds of the sisters. If Melanie is the Red Devil on Scream Queens , the Kappas are in for a rude awakening, because she's probably not going to stop at anything until she exacts her revenge.

The points as to why Melanie would be the perfect killer are rather strong, compared to some of the other characters on the show. To begin with, she's alive (unlike candle vlogger Jennifer, who I also suspect). She also has a long list of reasons to get back at Kappa and the college, so basically, consider her one of the top suspects (even though it would be a bit of a let down after this many episodes suspecting every. single. other. person.)

Here's why Melanie could very well be the Red Devil.

She Was Injured To Get Out Of The House

If Melanie had a revenge plot along with Boone, she would need a reason to get out of Kappa, simply to return as one of the Red Devils. While it's pretty committed, she could have planted the burning spray tan for an excuse to leave campus.

She Wears The Costume To Hide Her Burns

While the Red Devil's costume is a disguise, it might also be a means of hiding some pretty nasty scars from a particular spray tan incident.

She Is Probably The Right Age

One of the biggest issues the characters have had while trying to match a name to the other bathtub baby is the age. Grace, while a good option at one point, was too young. Melanie was a couple years older, making her the perfect age to be the other bathtub.

She's Back (Most Likely)

One part of the finale episode is named "Dorkus." Coincidence? I think not.

She'd Want To Get Back At Chanel (And Dean Munsch)

If Melanie hates Kappa, she might want to ruin Chanel by going after the one thing that gives her power—the sorority. She might also have a literal ax to grind for Dean Munsch, who covered up her possible birth mother's death years ago when she was born in the bathtub.

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