Kylie Jenner Wears Monochrome Airport Outfit, Travels In Comfort & Style — PHOTO

When this girl travels, she always does it in style. Kylie Jenner wore a monochromatic ensemble to catch an early flight, and let me tell you — she’s really outdone herself this time. Her all-one-color outfits are always on-point, but this one takes it a whole other level, if you ask me. She paired a longline white jacket with white pants and sneakers and couldn’t have looked more chic if she tried.

I'm definitely feeling her whole matchy, matchy vibe. The nude bodysuit she wore under the jacket even matched the nude strap on her Louis Vuitton luggage, so literally her entire travel ensemble was matching. Right down to her suitcase. Bravo, Kylie, bravo. *Insert standing ovation here.*

Her white pants had an elastic waistband because apparently Jenner knows what’s up when it comes to in-flight comfort, too. Her sneaker selection made it clear that she’s about that comfy life and made this a really practical airport outfit for everyone to copy. Because, I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely not about heels in an airport like most celebs are. This time around, Jenner totally gets it. See her latest travel look, and then shop the essential items you’ll need to get her jet-set style for yourself.

I can't get enough of this look. It is the epitome of comfy chic.

1. The Jacket

The Outflow Trench, $46, Naked Wardrobe

This longline coat will elevate your look.

2. The Bodysuit

Scoop Me Up Baby Bodysuit, $34, Naked Wardrobe

A bodysuit will be comfortable and stylish under your all-white ensemble.

3. The Pants

The Cherie Skinny Pant, $34.99, Woman Within

Structured pants with an elastic waistline are the way to go when traveling.

4. The Shoes

Reebok Classic White Leather Sneakers, $99, ASOS

Comfortable, yet cool. Jenner would definitely approve.

Channel your inner Kylie in this outfit and be like this at the airport:


Because you're going to want to capture this MAJOR style moment.

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