Wells Forms An Interesting Alliance On 'The Flash'

After half a season, Zoom's plan on The Flash finally begins to make sense. He's not just out to kill our very own Barry Allen, he's trying to make him faster first, so then he can kill him. In the words of Dr. Harry Wells, Zoom is "fattening him up like a Christmas goose." And now, if you need another heart wrenching twist on The Flash, Wells agrees to help Zoom in order to get his daughter back.

Is history repeating itself on The Flash? Is Harry Wells once again going to try and bring about the downfall of Barry? It sure seems that way.

If you remember, over on Earth-Two, Zoom has Wells' daughter, Jessie. Zoom is willing to free Jessie, but only if Wells does what he wants. What Zoom wants is to kill Barry, as all supervillians do. However, before Zoom kills him he wants to make sure that Barry is as fast as possible. So when Zoom kills him, he can take all his powers and his connection to the Speed Force, too, and become the most powerful speedster in the whole universe (if Zoom could laugh mechanically, right now, he would).

Instead of feeding him like a Christmas goose to fatten him up, Zoom is sending villains from Earth-Two to battle Barry. Defeating these baddies each time is what's making Barry faster, and stronger, and all the more appealing to Zoom. Zoom is going to stop at nothing until he is the most powerful person on ALL the Earths.

It's not clear yet exactly what Wells is going to have to do in order to help Zoom, but whatever it is, he's gotta do it. He's also going to do it, willingly. Just like Zoom will do whatever it takes to defeat Barry, Wells will do whatever is necessary to get Jessie back. Even if that means teaming up with the still-masked Zoom (and listen, I still think it's Jay Garrick and you can't convince me otherwise).

Image: Cate Cameron/The CW