26 Hyperbolic Observations About 'The Pretty One'

OK — I am definitely more of a television person than a movie one, but I'll be damned if the trailer for The Pretty One has me more excited for a romantic comedy than I've been in ages. It's like a romantic comedy coming-of-age version of The Parent Trap and somehow, that weird mess of a concept totally works. Which is exciting! And cool! And prime realty for a venture in good old fashioned Internet hyperbolics (Probably doesn't hurt that the film has some of our favorite leading men in it — Jake Johnson and Ron Livingston — either.) Man that Zoe Kazan knows how to pick 'em.

Considering hyperbole is all the rage (and something this author is all-too-adept at), it seems only fair to give the trailer the over-the-top treatment it might not necessarily deserve but, hoo boy, will the Internet demand. Press play and follow along with our own out of control reactions and see if they match up with yours, too! It'll be like a game: the silliest most ridiculous Internet movie trailer game that's ever been played in the entire history of cinematic existence! Or something.

0:06 - OMG that house is the whitest thing I've ever seen.

0:10 - Audrey (Kazan)'s lipstick is FLAWLESS.

0:11 - Laurel (Kazan)'s hair is the WORST.

0:14 - Ahhh that necklace is the sweetest!

0:17 - Twin dancing is the FUNNIEST.

0:21 - Makeovers! The BEST EVER.

0:29 - Are they twins? Ugh, that hairstylist is the DUMBEST.

0:31 - That truck is some vintage-obsessed hipster's wettest of wet dream cars.

0:35 - HOLY SHIT

0:44 - Holy mothershitter of fuckery that is the CRAZIEST twist!

0:52 - Oh shit double EXTRA twist! That is the twistiest.

1:04 - Oh no this funeral is the saddest.

1:14 - I can't believe she's stealing her twin sister's identity. That is the KOOKIEST!

1:17 - Ugh, Jake Johnson with a beard playing games with a child is literally the MOST endearing thing.

1:25 - Oh my god Audrey's apartment is literally the PRETTIEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN with both of my eyes at the same time.

1:33 - Ron Livingston is the HANDSOMEST.

1:37 - Oh no, he's also the doucheiest.


1:50 - Kazan saying "I can't!" might be the tweest.

1:56 - These kids are literally the most adorable.

1:58 - Nick Miller and Children OMG the OVARIEST.

2:06 - Hot pool kiss is the STEAMIEST.

2:08 - That hat is the stripiest.

2:10 - Those side-by-side twin beds are the most twin sister-y thing to ever happen in a movie, ever.

2:11 - Jake Johnson is the BROODIEST oh man.

2:19 - Oh jeez, that mirroring (literally and metaphorically speaking) is the CHEESIEST.

Image: Provenance Pictures