How To Keep Wearing Boho In Winter Because The Breezy Style Isn't Only For Summer — PHOTOS

Boho style's breezy patterns and flowy cuts lend themselves to spring and summer, but what's a hippie chick to do come winter months and freezing temps? No worries, I've scouted out pieces that show you how to keep wearing boho in winter. You don't have to doom yourself to a look that doesn't reflect your boho heart!

I would describe my style as SoCal boho meets rustic hipster grandpa. Growing up in Texas, spending my teen years in Los Angeles, and finding my home in Brooklyn all show up in my wardrobe in distinctive ways, but the carefree boho vibe is a pretty constant theme.

To boho up your winter wardrobe, trade in your linen tops and destroyed denim for cozy, oversized knits and richly patterned skirts and leggings made out of thicker fabrics. And of course, remember: layer, layer, layer! You can still totally utilize your favorite summer boho dresses and skirts, but you'll want to make sure and pair them with the warmest tights you can find, cozy cute snow boots, and thick blanket scarves.

Get inspired by the pieces below to see just how easy it is to maintain your boho chic vibes even when the weather is anything but low-key and sunny.

1. Knit Leg Warmers

Knit Leg Warmers, $13.30, KnittySunny

Even if it's below freezing, you can pop a hint of boho into you're look with these chic little leg warmers.

2. Velvet Fringe Dress

Velvet Fringe Dress, $75.24, ASOS

The velvet will keep you warm while the fringe will let you stay true to your boho soul.

3. Patchwork Crochet Coat

Patchwork Crochet Coat, $189, Zara

Another way to get your flowy fix without freezing.

4. Tunic Sweater (Plus)

Tunic Sweater, $34.99, ThreeBirdNest

This turtleneck is nice and toasty but the breezy cut will let you pretend you're at the beach.

5. Mini Chain Feather Earrings

Mini Chain Feather Earrings, $45, Serefina

These upcycled earrings will give your outfit a pinch of boho even if you have to be all bundled up.

6. Off The Shoulder Jumper Dress (Plus)

Off The Shoulder Jumper Dress, $32.25, BooHoo

This dress channels all the breezy boho summer dress vibes, but the chunky knit fabric will keep you nice and cozy.

7. Winter Knit Crop

Winter Knit Crop, $60.54, Plexida

It might be cold outside, but you can feel sweet and sunny with this warm crop sweater. It would look amazing layered over one of your favorite loose dresses.

8. Striped Hooded Coat

Striped Hooded Coat, $99.90, Zara

Balance your city slicker lifestyle with your boho heart in this sophisticated striped hooded coat.

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Images: Courtesy of Brands