Donald Trump As Darth Vader Is So Spot-On That All The Other Parodies Can Just Go Home

In the wake of Donald Trump’s proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the United States, J.K. Rowling herself drew a comparison between the 2016 presidential hopeful and homicidal, nose-less cult leader Lord Voldemort in a tweet on Tuesday. A new parody video merges the bombastic real estate tycoon with another iconic fictional evil-doer, Darth Vader, to give us the Donald Trump/ Star Wars mash up that we didn’t know we’ve always wanted: Darth Trump. We’re not exactly lacking in Star Wars parodies these days, but “Darth Trump,” created by the Auralnauts, is completely hilarious and worth watching. What makes it work — and it works so, so well — is that the Auralnauts kept it simple: The video is a collection of Darth Vader scenes with snippets of Trump’s actual audio clips dubbed in. There’s no need to create ridiculous dialogue when Trump has already provided it in spades.

In a video that the Auralnauts assure us is “[m]ade with 100% all natural Trump sound bites,” Darth Trump plots the Imperial takeover of the universe, discussing such important topics as his relationship with China (“I've made a lot of money dealing against China. I've made a lot of money dealing against other countries.”), his military prowess (“I'm more militaristic than anyone in this room!”), and his line of Macy’s menswear (“See these cufflinks, from Macy’s? Some people think it’s Harry Winston or Tiffany, it’s actually Macy’s. And they’re good. Trump Cufflinks.”) This last bit is the final straw for Luke Skywalker, who just gives up and lets himself fall to almost certain death, rather than continue listening to Darth Trump complain about how some stores "don't use 'Christmas.' They say "Happy Holidays...."

The most surreal scene occurs when Darth Trump arrives on Cloud City and launches into a monologue on the virtues of “Trump Steaks.” Boba Fett and Lando don’t know what to think, but they're not pleased about having to buy steaks at the Sharper Image.

Take a few minutes to watch the whole thing. My favorite line? “You don’t have to be a total genius to figure this out, even though I AM a genius, OK?” OK, sir. OK.

Auralnauts on YouTube

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