Ali & Syd Reconcile In A Big Way On 'Transparent'

Some things are just well worth the wait and I think we can all agree that Ali and Syd's relationship in Transparent Season 2 falls firmly into the category. Though they suffered from a major falling out in Season 1 (after Ali learned that Syd had slept with her brother, Josh), it seems as though these two BFFs are back on each other's good side — and have added a few extra benefits into the mix. In a spur of the moment decision, Ali decided to drop by Syd's place in the hope that they could just let bygones be bygones. Syd immediately warmed to the idea and even invited her to a party she was throwing later that evening. By the end of the night, Ali and Syd began kissing and eventually hooked up in a turn of events that may just be the beginning of a beautiful romance.

Ali has spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out what exactly she wants out of life and where she fits into it all. And even though we've only just gotten a glimpse at what these two look like in a romantic sense, I'm already loving how sincere and comfortable it seems to be. They say that sometimes the best relationships can stem from friendships and I think this duo is a prime example of that fact.

One of the many great things about this union is that it isn't just about physical attraction. They've known each other for years and have developed a strong connection throughout that time. Just look at the way they were in bed together. Syd immediately wanted Ali to tell her what she likes and where she wants to be touched. She's putting Ali's needs ahead of her own, which is something our girl definitely deserves and proves that this relationship is unlike anything she's ever been involved in before.

And, let's not forget the look on Ali's face during this little interaction. She seemed so happy. So at peace, in a way that we've never seen her before. In fact, she was simply content to just lay there kissing while wrapped in each other's arms. The closeness is what she wanted and signifies being intimate on a very emotional level.

Suffice to say, I could not be more excited to see where this romance goes from here. And, while I'm sure they'll encounter a few obstacles along the way like most couples do, I'm hopeful that this one will end up being for keeps.

Images: Amazon; itwillallmakeperfectsensesomeday/Tumblr