Did Amber James Know Ben Higgins Before 'The Bachelor'? She's Back For A Third Chance At Love

It’s already a given that I'm more excited for the next season of The Bachelor with Ben Higginsto begin than I am to unwrap any present under the Christmas tree, but you know what else is exciting? Trying to decode this mystery: Why on Earth is Amber James back on The Bachelor ? I mean, did Amber know Ben H. before the show? Or did she just want a third shot at reality TV love?

She's not even the only former contestant to rejoin the show. Becca Tilley is also back for another round of dates. We were first introduced to Becca and Amber when they appeared as contestants on Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor. Becca made it into the Final 2, and Amber... well, Amber made it into a few of the group dates before being eliminated unceremoniously. Luckily, this seemingly quiet Chicago native experienced a second revival on Bachelor in Paradise, but was once again eliminated. I need a crash course from this girl in handling rejection, but in the meantime, back to my burning question: Is she setting herself up for potential failure with Ben for the sake of being on reality TV? Or, does she know Ben Higgins somehow and is trying to win his heart for real? Let’s play digital detective, people.

They Don’t Follow Each Other On Social Media

Ben H. and Amber do not, in fact, keep track of each others' lives via social media platforms. They do, however, follow several members of the Bachelor/Bachelorette stratosphere, and fans already know how small that world can get. There is definite possibility that they’re paths have crossed at some point.

And, They May Have Conflicting Lifestyles

I'm not one to make snap-judgments about people based on the Internet (who am I kidding, yes I am), but according to their Twitter/Instagram feeds, the fact that Ben H. is so heavily influenced by his faith, and Amber is mum on the subject, leads me to believe that they may not be well-suited for one another in the end.


Maybe she fell in love with Ben on Kaitlyn's season (who didn't) and used her Chris Harrison connections to try make Ben hers. I don't blame her! We'll just have to see if he has feelings for her come Jan. 4.