'Mad Men' Should Have Gotten More GG Noms

That's right: Another year, another Golden Globes nominations ceremony. Something's different this year, though — while a lot of the usual suspects are up for awards this year and surely will be again next year, this happens to be the last year that Mad Men can receive any Golden Globe nominations. You know, because Mad Men is over and I'm still not done crying over it. I mean, I get it — it was time for the show to end, no one wants any drama to overstay its welcome, the ending was perfect, yadda, yadda, yadda. Look, I agree with all of it. But that doesn't make me any less sad that both the show and Jon Hamm are no longer consistently on my television screen for a few weeks every year. So, considering the show is now over, and also considering the Golden Globes nominations ceremony took place on Thursday, Dec. 10, one of the biggest questions of the morning was obviously how many Golden Globe nominations did Mad Men get?

It might come as a surprise that the show didn't sweep the categories when it came to the nominations this year. The show was nominated for just one prize — Best Actor in a TV Drama for Jon Hamm. Mad Men was not nominated for Best Series, the category it has thrived in in the past (two of its four Golden Globe wins are for Best Television Series — Drama). Jon Hamm himself has been nominated for the same award five times over, but he's only nabbed the top honor once, way back in 2007.

Man Men has been nominated 12 times over the course of its run, winning four of those (twice winning best series, and one win each for January Jones and Jon Hamm as best actress and actor, respectively). But the last time it won was at the 2009 ceremony, and the last time it was nominated was back in 2012. So even though the much-beloved series finished on a high note, it had gotten a bit stale in terms of awards potential. Perhaps that explains why Mad Men was not nominated for any awards, and its lead actor was the only star honored among its cast. Mad Men had its time in the spotlight, and now it's time to move aside for newer, brighter prospects like Empire, or older-yet-still-kicking shows like Game of Thrones — both of which, unlike Mad Men (not to rub it in or anything), were nominated for the prize for best TV drama.

Images: Justina Mintz/AMC; AMC