Will Drake Is Bisexual On 'AHS: Hotel' & His Description Of The Word Is Beautifully Unapologetic

When Wednesday's episode of American Horror Story: Hotel began, viewers saw the Countess preparing for her impending marriage to Will Drake. Between all of the double crossing and revenge plots peppered throughout the episode, we also happened to learn that Will Drake identifies as bisexual on AHS: Hotel. Viewers were aware that he liked men since we saw him making out with Tristan (R.I.P.) in a previous episode, but I wasn't going to jump to a conclusion until I heard him say it himself. Tonight while trying on his wedding tux with his son, Will unapologetically admitted that he was bisexual, and the moment was beautiful.

Will really nailed the description of bisexuality. He didn't sugar coat it for his young son, and he didn't make it into something that it's not. The show handled the confession to his son with a lot of respect and represented the bisexual community really well in a pretty pivotal scene. When he began his confession he immediately disregarded the stereotypes that some people hold about bisexuality by saying, "I'm going to be blunt. Your father is bisexual. People think that word is dirty, but it's not. It means I like men and women equally." When his son questioned whether people assume he just likes men, Will replied that "Yeah, something like that, and if you're lucky, once in your life you'll find someone who really understands you."

Unfortunately that woman ended up plotting his death, but the sentiment stands. I think that Will's statements perfectly captured the assumptions that so many people in society immediately make about bisexual people without learning what it actually means. The show may have some seriously crazy story lines but this one scene was a great way to tackle a subject that deserves to be better understood.

Images: Ray Mickshaw/FX