Will Liz Taylor Die On 'AHS: Hotel'?

Let's all admit that Liz Taylor is the greatest characters ever on American Horror Story: Hotel. She has sassed her way into our hearts since day one and has only become better and better as the weeks have gone by. So, because I have a seriously soft spot for the spunky bartender, her recent run ins with the Countess make me really nervous that her days may be numbered. So, will Liz Taylor die in the last few episodes of AHS: Hotel?

Well, the evidence doesn't point to a good outcome, that's for sure. You may remember that Liz and Tristan fell really hard for each other and had one of the cutest and most honest romances on the show for a brief time. Unfortunately, once the Countess caught wind of their love, she killed Tristan right in front of Liz because apparently she failed the part of grade school where you learn to share. Poor Liz absolutely fell apart and her rage for the Countess has been steadily becoming more and more noticeable since that episode. Wednesday it really hit an all time high when Liz called her a "heartless bitch" while serving as the witness during The Countess' wedding to Will Drake.

I am thinking that Gaga's Countess won't be standing for Liz's venom much longer, since she rarely puts up with any disrespect. The promo for next week showed Liz holding a gun and stating that it was "only a matter of time before the Countess" slits her throat. It looks like Liz is planning to try to take the whole situation into her own hands and try to beat Elizabeth to the punch before she can get to her. That really makes me nervous for Liz.

Everyone light a candle and say a prayer for Liz Taylor! We need her to live to sass another day!

Images: Frank Ockenfels/FX