'AHS: Hotel' Suffers Another Casualty

Tonight's American Horror Story: Hotel had the entire universe 'shipping the love between Liz Taylor and Elizabeth's boy of the moment, Tristan. After a pretty steamy sex scene, followed by a precious confession of their mutual affections for each other, it looked like these two could be an adorable couple that could break up all the murder and such. But, what I failed to remember is that this is American Horror Story and nothing is sacred to Ryan Murphy. After Liz and Tristan confess their feelings to the Countess, she promptly slit Tristan's throat. But, is Tristan really dead on AHS: Hotel?

Well, we can't be sure. Elizabeth does say to Liz, "He's yours. Bury him," but that might just have been a sassy comment. This whole thing called into question the guidelines of these supernatural hotel inhabitants and the idea of vampires becoming ghosts. These two entities seem to coexist in the hotel but have completely different rules. We haven't seen a vampire "die" yet, so we can't completely rule out their ability to come back, but it seems unlikely that there would be hybrids.

Also, Elizabeth did tell Tristan when she turned him that although he was semi-immortal, he could die if he wasn't smart. So, that kind of shot down the idea that he will stand up and start hanging out with Sally and her other ghostly cohorts. We haven't been told that he is gone completely forever, so I am going to hang onto a little hope that we will see his dumb mullet again soon.

More pressingly, have to fear what other kind of backlash will befall upon our beloved Liz. Let's hope her punishment was already served. She has been through enough.

Images: Suzanne Tenner/FX