Was Disney Snubbed By The Golden Globe Nominations? It Nabbed 1 Very Earned Recognition, Plus A Surprise

It's that wonderful time of year again: The weather is getting colder, the nights are getting longer, and... awards season is beginning to rev its engine once again. On Thursday, Dec. 10, the Golden Globes nominations ceremony took place in Los Angeles, honoring some of the most talented actors, actresses, writers, and directors in Hollywood, as well as casting a spotlight on some of the best projects released this year. It's been a huge year for movies, of course — with everything from Room to Brooklyn to Carol having hit theaters this year, it's been difficult to predict where exactly this awards season will go because there are just so many good projects. This has been true of animated movies in 2015 as well, particularly Disney films: Inside Out hit theaters in June 2015, and proceeded to make millions of adults around the world sob uncontrollably like only a Disney/Pixar film can. The film was pretty much flawless (not to mention it featured an A+ cast with names like Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, and Bill Hader) — so, with Golden Globes nominations slowly trickling out, it's enough to make you wonder: Did Disney get snubbed at the Golden Globes nominations?

Unsurprisingly, it didn't. Disney/Pixar is known for making the highest-quality animated films around and the Globes acknowledged that on Thursday morning when Inside Out was announced as a nominee for Best Animated Feature Film. Inside Out will even need to compete against another Disney/Pixar film that was a little more surprising to hear announced — The Good Dinosaur — so really, it's the studio's category to lose when the Golden Globes air on Jan. 10.

Pixar last took home the prize in the Best Animated Feature Film category in 2013 for Brave, and honestly, I can't imagine that they won't succeed in 2016. Since the category was created in 2007, Disney/Pixar won every single year until 2012 when Cars 2 lost to The Adventures of Tintin. But besides just all the tears that Inside Out caused (and from this writer, there were many), the movie articulated complex emotions in a way that was understandable and touching to generations of moviegoers. And if that doesn't deserve a golden award, I don't know what does.

Image: Walt Disney Studios